Honeychop Stars LogoMeet Grace!  Honeychop Star for Scotland

Grace H

Birthday: 7th of November

Favorite Honeychop Flavor: Honeychop Calm & Shine

Biggest Achievement: My biggest achievement was qualifying for and riding at Blair Castle European Eventing Championships in 2014. My horse at the time, Skip, behaved remarkably well and we both had great fun while we were there, with only one pole falling during our round. I was delighted with the way it went for us and can see myself doing it all over again! Riding at Blair was such an amazing opportunity and to this day I am still in disbelief that I qualified and made it round!

The Best piece of advice Grace has been given: Don’t give up!

Grace’s Tip: Some things are worth waiting for. Don’t rush, you can never spend enough time training, taking things slowly will definitely benefit you in the long run.

Grace is our Honeychop Star for Scotland.

Grace has got her brother to thank for her love of riding. When she was 8 years old her brother won a voucher for a ‘paddock hack’ at a charity auction and kindly gifted it to her. So off she went…and from then on it was a lesson every week! She continued to progress and branched out into riding privately owned horses and then at the age of 16 was able to take her first horse out on loan.

A few horses have come and gone over the years, all of which hold a special place in Grace’s heart. Grace started her Honeychop journey with her loan horse, Skip a.k.a Touchstone Skipnish, a 16.1hh, dapple grey, Irish draught, gelding who was 10 years old. Grace then took on another loan horse, Tigger a.k.a Master Moonshaddow who is ANOTHER large, hunter type grey gelding! I sense a theme here Grace…. Tigger is 15 and spent the majority of his life on the hunting field and he has now come to live with Grace for a quieter life as a dressage and show horse.

Grace Says:

“We compete locally at riding club level and are mainly out to just have some fun! I mainly ride in dressage and side saddle, but used to jump when I had Skip.

If you want to find out about what Skip and I got up to, or what Tigger and I are currently working on, make sure you read my monthly blogs! I try my best to keep them entertaining!”