Chelsea & Sam

Myself & fellow Honeychop Star Sam at Tim’s yard

This month we got to attend a day with Tim Page and his team at his yard! It was a fabulous day with lots of great information and tips. It was a great day to be able to watch Tim ride and also see what sponsored rider Tim gets up to in his professional work.


Honeychop Goodies

Also a huge thank you to all of the Honeychop team for organising the day at Tim’s yard even if it was an extremely long way for us, I thoroughly enjoyed the day and found it very inspiring. It was a great day to finally meet the rest of the Honeychop Stars and who is in our team.

I also came away with lots of branded goodies.





Myself and Betty out hacking in our branded clothing

With my horses we are currently struggling to have a jump at the moment due to the weather and other circumstances we have nowhere to practise or train as our indoor on the yard is too small to jump and I have not had the chance to be able to go for our lessons. So we have currently just been working on our flat work in the indoor and also going for regular hacks which I try to do at least 2/3 times a week to try and differ the work that we are doing at the moment due to lack of space to jump and train.


Using the pessoa with Betty


We have also been using the pessoa which I feel helps Betty extremely well with her balance as she is still slightly unbalanced in the canter, but with the extra flat work and hacking we are having to do at the moment I feel this is also helping her while she still needs more training on the flat. We have also been working on our walk to canter transitions and canter to walk transitions recently and they have come on a thousand times better than when we first started trying in our last lesson last month, we have a much quicker response and relaxed rhythm rather than getting excited and bucking, when we do the exercise several times she gets rather excited and likes to have a squeal and a buck!

We haven’t been able to get out competing much this month but we will soon be back out and we can’t wait! We’ve missed getting out on the course for so long, but also the break while we have not been able to have the facilities to jump will do her good and she will come back into jumping 10 times better than when we last went out competing.

We have also a few more rides that I have been going up to ride that we may be getting out to a few more competitions in the near future! Which is very exciting we have some extremely promising, talented horses to work with and bring up, there are a few that have already been competing newcomers and higher so we look forward to getting out on the track!

I was also given my first exercise by Tim

The first exercise from Tim to help Betty was to do some grid work with a double or a single and to put one canter pole 3 yards out from the fence then the same again the other side of the fence 3 yards with the canter pole each side of the canter pole put 2 poles to form a box like shape which will help to improve the straightness and the big jump she throws as she will have to land inside the box.

Photo 08-10-2015, 4 43 27 p.m.

Woody having a go at Tim’s exercise

Also with woody our exercise was to try stay in a much smaller canter so that he can’t get away so Easy but also with every fence we jump on him whilst training place a canter pole each side of the fence 3 yards out to stop him rushing into a fence as he will have to come on a correct stride and the placing pole will back him off from rushing too much into the fence.

With betty I found the exercise worked really well and it is something that we have also done previously before training at home with our instructor but we have not done for a while so to re visit this activity worked well because at first she had a look at the jump and was slightly spooky as she was going over and lost her canter but then when she got used to doing the exercise again it worked great! She was able to stay in a good rhythm all the way into the fence as she didn’t lose it on the last stride and also after the fence we managed to bring her back into a good collected canter as she didn’t throw her huge jump which then after we are not able to regain a balanced canter as we go out of rhythm.

With woody I found this exercise also worked brilliantly as even though he got very forward coming into the fence we was able to then keep a good stride just before the fence and not completely charge at the fence! It made him think and stay in a more controlled canter we have also recently changed his bit which Tim also recommended us to do and we have also thought about changing his bits again for a while as he goes extremely well in a bit then after a while he gets too used to the bit and we have the same problems again where he just resists the contact. We have decided to put him back in his rubber flexi Pelham which he is happy and comfortable in and also this time have put double reins on rather than rounding’s and single reins which has had a good benefit from. From this exercise we found an improvement in a much more balanced and controlled canter which helped us extremely and also felt he jumped so much better underneath me and it is an exercise we will use much more at home when training.