The answer to the hardest equine nutrition question – what do I feed my overweight native/laminitic prone horse? 

Honeychop’s Chopped Oat Straw is a straight high fibre feed which is cleaned and dust extracted, a pure natural product with nothing added. It has been part of the Honeychop range for a while, but due to increase in demand we felt it was time for the packaging to do the product justice.

Do you want a chaff with no oil, no soya, no sugar etc.? Then Honeychop Chopped Oat Straw is the answer!  It is a Free From product and it is Free From almost everything so suitable for horse, ponies and donkeys with intolerance and those with or prone to laminitis. It is perfect for natives and ideal for overweight horses, ponies or donkeys, and those that maintain their weight easily.

Made using only oat straw from our selected assured farms, we can assure every bag is of a consistent high quality. The unique manufacturing process means that the oat straw is screened and cleaned to remove all small fine particles and dust, leaving only a clean, bright soft oat straw chaff for your horse or pony.

Free From COSIt is the perfect product going into the winter to help equines shift those extra unwanted pounds they have gained over the summer months. It is high in fibre but very light in calories with no added sugar and low in starch.

When managing weight loss for equines suffering from laminitis and equine metabolic syndrome, vets recommend that calories need to be reduced to encourage weight loss; also the non-structural carbohydrate (NSC) content of the diet needs to be less than 10%. Honeychop Chopped Oat Straw has a NSC of 2.2% making it the idea feed for those needing to lose weight.

Its golden colour and soft texture makes it visually appealing and highly palatable. It is the lowest calorie fibre feed in the Honeychop range and can be used as a partial hay replacer, simply by exchanging the weight of hay with the same weight of Honeychop Chopped Oat Straw. Being a short chop it prolongs eating time, aids good digestion and keeps horses occupied for longer.