Well it’s becoming winter the horses are now in, all clipped and snuggled up in their winter rugs in their stables!


winning the senior intermediate and also gaining a second place overall in the senior

We had our presentation for show jumping where we achieved winning the senior intermediate and also gaining a second place overall in the senior warm up on dark intentions (woody), I was extremely pleased with these results for overall due to the very on off year we’ve had with competing! We did not get placed overall on betty this year due to the amount of shows we have missed as we have either been out competing at a BSJA and also half way through the season she had an injury which put us out of jumping for over a month so unfortunately we did not get to attend enough shows to get placed in the presentation evening for overall points. Also woody did the very limit on shows we had to tend to get our trophies so I was extremely pleased with our results as I was either out with Betty at a BSJA.



We again have unfortunately been limited to what work we have been able to do as we have still not been able to get out competing or for our lessons to train! We have still been working on improving our walk to canter transitions and canter to walk we have also more recently been working with flying changes too however this is extremely difficult on such a big horse in our tiny indoor! But we have progress and she still tires her hardest. We will be out competing again within the next couple of weeks and I can’t wait! So excited to just get back out in our show gear around a course again it’s been far too long!

We have still just been schooling and hacking at home with both the horses keeping them fit, they both are now just full of energy and need a good outing now they are stuck in for winter and limited to turn out.

Betty has finally started to settle in and getting back into a routine after a couple of weeks! I have such a stressy mare and she does not like being stabled!

We have still also this month been riding our other rides that we now have and brining a few youngsters on, hopefully we are having a fun trip out soon or a trip to a competition to get a few of the horses out.


Myself & Woody sharing a kiss

We also finish college within the next couple of weeks which will allow me to spend more time riding the horses and keeping them fit as its extremely hard at the moment being at college and having so much work to be in before we finish so everything’s been a bit all over at the moment trying to get everything done! Looking forward to a few weeks off college for a break and get back out competing over the Christmas holidays!