I’m happy to report the adjustments made to Corkys saddle seems to be helping with his flatwork. His transitions are definitely more ‘up’ combining this with daily carrot stretches,  I have my fingers crossed it will improve his topline.

Rodbaston xmas trees

Rodbaston Christmas trees

This month we have been doing some exercises in the school and Kate who does the occasional dressage with Corky has noticed the difference too. I’m happy someone else can feel the difference too.
I took Corky to Rodbaston to enter a couple of unaffiliated showjumping classes, when I walked the course I saw they had decorated the corner of the arena with Christmas trees, lamp-posts, reindeer etc and they were all lit up and it looked very festive.

So as I entered the arena I showed Corky the lights he didn’t seem too bothered.
So the bell went and off we went . . .We got a lovely canter ( with rhythm !!) da dum da dum lovely !! We jumped the first fence nicely I even remembered to sit up !! da dum da dum STOP !!  Corky had just spotted the lights !!! so I had to re-approach the second fence bang went any rhythm and concentration and we got 12 faults ( 3 down)
We did entertained the crowd with the judge announcing over the tannoy that Corky must be the Grinch as he didn’t like Christmas lights.

Cue second class this time I stood him by the lights at this point I think Corky was giving me “Yeah lights, seen them, whatever boring”
So I started the round again with a nice canter but Corky wasn’t really listening he jumped boldly into the two doubles getting too close to the second parts so we got 8 faults and to add insult to injury he totally ignored the lights !!!

Rio or Bust team from left Elena with Spot Olwyn with Poppet Fiona with Ollie Me chef d’equipe Kate with Cor

The Sunday after Christmas was the leap4events Christmas dressage show at Rodbaston college the entry said fancy dress Christmas jumpers red bandages etc. We had a team from my yard competing called ‘Rio or bust’ . Corky was in prelim 7 with Kate he went very well and got 67% the other team members all did prelim 7 too they were Fiona Moore riding Ollie, Elena riding Spot, and Olwyn riding Poppet everyone did really well we all had a great day we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves (and I don’t say that too often about dressage !) none of us got placed but bearing in mind there was 50 competitors in our test we didn’t expect placing.

This month’s exercise consisted of four fences built on the centre line in a ‘W’ shape. I had to jump turn a circle and jump the next fence, then repeat till the last fence.
This exercise was good and I enjoyed doing it the hardest thing to do was to land on the correct leading leg and to keep the momentum without too much speed so as to keep corky forward and listening. (easier said than done)
But we did it !! It took a few attempts as I worked out how best to ask for the right leg and get the bend.
Every time I try one of Tim’s exercises I struggle with it to start but by the end I feel we’ve achieved something. This exercise in particular.

So go on give it a go !!!

Well that’s December and the end to 2015. I’d like to wish my blog readers a happy and lucky 2016.