IMG_4604IMG_4630This month we have had a fab month getting going again! I am extremely pleased with the progress that we have had recently, we have had many
issues over the last few month that has prevented us from competing and jumping but now we are finally getting back out and getting Betty fit again.

We have been hiring arenas around our area to get back jumping again rather than turning up to competitions again and having the same issues. Betty has been jumping amazing recently at the arena hires where we have been jumping some good size tracks again IMG_4625without any paddy’s or tantrums! She has not touched a single pole since we have been back out again or looked at any fences no matter what is under them she is finally returning back to the Betty we want! We are looking forwards to getting back out competing now in the next couple of weeks as we feel we are ready to get back out now and get going again then get a few clinics and lessons booked in to progress further and hopefully by later on this year to be jumping bigger tracks if we don’t face any more problems to overcome that may set us back again.


IMG_4651We recently went on a hunt ride for a change of scenery and she was mega, so well behaved apart from the rearing when we wasIMG_4654 stood around, where we got a little impatient and raring to go! She jumped everything I asked and was so brave, I would like to go on a hunt again in the up and coming months for a change and a little break from the show jumping.
We are also organising a trip out to somerford park in the next few weeks to have a fun ride around the x county as Betty enjoys it and it’s a nice change of scenery to try something different.

That’s it from me until next month