Corky at our lesson

This month kicked off with the East Shropshire Riding Clubs monthly show. I decided to enter the showjumping. As it was somewhere we hadn’t jumped before I decided to enter a smaller class than usual so our confidence over a jump wouldn’t be a problem and we could concentrate more on jumping the unknown fillers etc. It was a busy show with many competitors doing the showjumping classes I’m sure the turnout was helped by the lovely weather.  (albeit a bit hot)


feeling like we could jump the moon

Well after waiting a long time for our turn to jump,  we entered the ring and Corky felt very lack lustre (this I put down to the heat) barely putting any effort in. Me, well I was beetroot red-faced and thoroughly ‘bushed’ It resulted in us getting eliminated at fence 3 !!!! where he took a total dislike to a filler.I was allowed to carry on with the rest of the course but it was clear it wasn’t our day. So I drove home disappointed writing ‘for sale’ adverts in my head.

A week later I booked a lesson with Abbi Griffin and you would’ve thought someone had swopped Corky from the week before he was amazing ! everything I asked of him he did with no questions asked. During the lesson Abbi shouted ‘that’s it, that’s perfect’  which came as quite a shock. Another ride home after a lesson feeling like we could jump the moon !!!!


our first rosette in three months

So with renewed confidence off we went to Greenacres, a local riding club show. I entered the starter stakes it seemed a good place to start it looked big when I walked it but Corky didn’t make it feel big at all he jumped really well and our turns were both balanced and upright. He still managed to squeeze two strides in a one strided double (work in progress) and unfortunately we had the planks down but as there was only two clears we jumped again for placings.

horse and rider

Corky and i proud in our Honeychop gear

The jump off felt great I asked for a turn inside a fence which he did with ease ! but, we had the planks again so we were placed 4th !! which  was amazing considering

  1. a placing !! and our first rosette in three months.
  2. throughout the whole round he felt forward  and in  a nice rhythm.

I felt I should do the next class (oooops mistake) we entered the ring and started off nicely with manners and control then  . . . he went lairy through the one strided double as I’d pushed to get just one stride which resulted in Corky locking on to the back of  fence one and then skidding into the bottom of the last fence (spectacular photo alert)


spectacular photo alert

It was nice to get a round of applause for staying on. Mike Talent the photographer said later I don’t know how Corky stayed upright and I stayed on but well done – were still entertaining the crowds lol. I love a friendly helpful riding club show.

I’ve recently seen a chiropractor about my shoulder which in my opinion has been holding me back due to damage caused by a fall out on the xc course where I suspected I’d partially dislocated my shoulder. The chiropractor described it as ‘a bit of a mess’ its certainly been feeling that way for quite a while.

I am now on my third session of treatment and I’m slowly regaining movement although my right shoulder is still much weaker than the left.


Well that was June lets see what July has to offer.

Thanks for reading xx