Ashwood Equestrian Cross Country

Ashwood Equestrian Cross Country

So this month myself and a few friends have been given the opportunity to trial some new Honeychop products. They are looking to expand their ‘free from’ range with two new products and we were able to test them out. One product is going to be called ‘Lite and Healthy’ – a natural fibre for good do-ers and the other called ‘is currently unnamed’ – but it is a natural fibre product made up of mainly alfalfa.

But shhhh don’t tell anybody they wont be on the market till autumn but just for you here’s the results of our trials.

The two people who trialled ‘Lite and Healthy’ had previously tried/used Honeychop’s Chopped Oat Straw and both commented that it looked more palatable and their horses certainly liked it (empty bowl licked clean). The owners gave it top marks for visual, smell, feel, and chop length. And would consider this a good product to feed.

The trials of the “unnamed” product were done by owners who have never fed Honeychop.  One of the owners was not conviced however her horse liked it and eat it all. ( fussy thoroughbred)

I’m yet to receive feedback from the other owner . . . . I’ll add it next month.

Corky & I out on the XC

Corky & I out on the XC

Corky and I entered a hunter trials this month ( our first xc since last September eeek) at a venue I’d not competed xc at before (oooh I like a challenge)

So off we went to Ashwood equestrian, I’d entered the 70cm class and on walking it I decided it was a large imposing 70 !! the course was twisty and I felt a number of fences id have to ride very positively.

Whilst warming up I could see a number of competitors having problems with the first few fences with a few eliminations being heard on course on the tannoy, this wasn’t doing much for my confidence so I decided as long as I rode positively and to the best of my ability the rest . . . .is up to lady luck.

We set off not too fast but positive, however at the last second Corky refused the first fence, but second attempt he jumped it fine, and he then did exactly the same at the second fence ( big square box) he then spooked at the ground on the field crossing (omg different coloured floor scary !!!)

It took him 6-7 fences to get into it but he never really ‘took me into a fence’ till the last few.

corky charity clear round

Corky clear round

On a plus side we had no problems with the water or the steps up and he jumped the toybox (first time !!),  although he spotted the teddy bears while in mid air so he gave it plenty of height.

I wasn’t that disappointed as I’d asked a lot of Corky really as he hadn’t jumped xc in sooooo long and it was a new venue with fences he hadn’t seen before.  (I’m now looking for another h.t. very soon)

We had a blast either way and we completed the course and I stayed on. I did realise during the hunter trials just how weak my right arm now is but hopefully the work with my chiropractor is doing will improve my muscles and strength..

We’ve also been to Rodbaston they were hosting a charity clear round show, so it seemed a good opportunity to jump a course of fences with little or no pressure.

Corky & I with our rosette

Corky & I with our rosette

Although Corky did decide the first round was a demolition derby but at the second round he remembered to jump.

It was a nice friendly relaxed show which was topped off by a clear round rosette and proceeds from the show going to the local RDA.

Thanks for reading lets see what August has in store for us.