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Hiya guys! Hope the weathers been kind to you!

July has been a slow month for us as we haven’t competed much so it’s just been practice, practice, practice!

I’ve done lots of filler training throughout this month with olls, this was to prepare us for the TVRC classic showjumping show and then the riding club areas at the end of the month! The classic went ahead but sadly the areas didn’t as the ground at the showground wasn’t great.

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The classic showjumping went ahead and was a great success! I took Ollie in the 85cm to warm him up and he cleared this easily and got 2nd! Then I took him in the 95cm which he jumped fab in, but just had a very unlucky pole, this cost us 1st place but just to get round was good enough for me! Then we had a bit of a wait to try our first 1.05m where he jumped fab but wasn’t as switched on as I’d of liked him to be so we had a stop, but for our first one we got more than half way around!

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I took Ruby training the weekend before the classic and decided she just wasn’t right so had Bethan Lloyd out, who told us she was just out in her pelvis which meant no classic for her! But she jumped fab in the working hunter clinic the week after and even flew a hedge fence that I was slightly nervous about!

Still gutted about the areas being cancelled they’ve been rescheduled to the weekend of the 14th June so will let you know how they go with Ruby & olls!


Also took Ollie training over a course the weekend before the classic and he was an absolute dude! I’m really chuffed with how our confidence is coming on every time I ride him! I’m super lucky he’s such a good horse and puts up with me, he’s taught me so much and I’m looking forward to our future together!

So not much to report this month guys but Thankyou for reading! X