My sponsorship has been extended! I am absolutely over the moon and feeling SO privileged to have this amazing opportunity provided by Honeychop. On the other side of the wonderful products that Honeychop provide for us all, hiding behind the scenes, the office manager Rachel has been amazing from the start, Rachel is so kind and helpful. If you have any queries about the products or anything in relation – Rachel won’t hesitate to help out and her cheery voice and giggles will brighten your day!


So this month I’ve managed to get cracking with the new boy. Tigger started his ‘back to work’ program on day 2 with me! (No time to waste huh!) We have been walk hacking for the most of it and had the odd day in the school if the weather has been poor. I am feeling super lucky to have Tigger on loan, what a true gentleman he is. On his second day with me, Tigger got his shoes on and stood tied up sleeping for a strange farrier, on a strange yard with a strange new human (me!)– A* for you mate! Then I turned him back out, brought him in at night and popped on for a donder in the indoor, again, he was a total diamond and never put a hoof wrong! The next evening we braved a hack and he once again was awesome. I think I’ve found myself a winner with this one. I am super excited to get this boy out doing some dressage over winter! For the first time in a good few years now I think in lessons and competition I will actually be able to think about my riding rather than how my horse is going, it’s going to be strange but wonderful, provided things continue the way they are going now I am expecting great things to come!



Skip –My number #1, also wonderful and ‘special’ in his own way boy, has sadly not had the best month. After his first set of steroid injections, we soon discovered that they were not going to be Skip’s magic solution and that they had failed to help his lameness. So I whipped Skip off to the local Veterinary hospital for X-rays. Both stifles and hocks were x-rayed, and we found nothing. We’ve just hit a brick wall completely L The best solution that the vet had was for me to turn Skip away for a further 6 months, into a small paddock and resting up on a course of danilon. It’s heart-breaking to see my special boy so bored and I can only hope and pray that he comes sound or at least improves over the next 6 months. Please cross your fingers for Skippy.


Nearer the end of this month, I headed off to Blair Castle International Horse Trials and Country Fair with a wonderful group of crazy ladies from the yard. What an absolute hoot we had. So many laughs and giggles topped perfectly by the fact that we were well and truly surrounded by our beloved animals. I stewarded the main arena one morning for the Event Rider Masters tests where I was lucky enough to get the chance to meet and chat to some famous faces… whilst flashing my Honeychop t-shirt… well, naturally!!




So goals for September are to get Tigger out to his first dressage competition and ride in his first side saddle class (better dust off the Honeychop saddle pad and my white jods!) To find some ways to entertain Skip whilst he is in ‘jail’ and make time to just ENJOY my horses. There are so many days in the year where all we are doing is passing the time and wishing for Fridays to come along a little sooner. I think it’s important to learn to appreciate the days and appreciate every minute you have with your beloved animals, whether they be a horse, cat, dog or snake and cherish every minute, bark or meow!


Until next month,

Grace, Skip and Tigger! X