Hey guys, hope you’ve all had an awesome month and you’ve enjoyed supporting team GB on the big screen at the olympics! From Charlotte getting gold in the dressage, to Nick Skelton getting a team individual gold showjumping! Very much an inspiration and has inspired a load of people to keep going and chase their dreams!


image-03-09-16-03-44-8This month has been full of ups and downs as usual with horses, I’ve done the area qualifiers, and also had dressage championships with ruby. The areas was awesome as usual a very well run show by Towy Valley RC, in such a short time space as the first areas wad cancelled due to ground & health and safety reasons.


We started off the areas with a lovely double clear in the style wit ruby, she jumped fab and just had a comment about how she lost her rhythm towards the end of the course, she’s way too laid back for her own good! She then did the first round in the intermediate (95) which she was awesome getting 4faults. We then went onto the second round for intermediates (1m) and she was amazing, she flew round forward and really enjoying her job! Then came the jump off (1.05m) for first place in which I knew I just had to go clear, surprisingly because she had never done 1.05m at a competition I was expecting some teething issues, but ruby pulled it out of the bag and gave me all the turns and strides I wanted and she got a clear round and we won! So we’re off to Lincoln in September. Super happy with how she took on the course!



Ollie didn’t have quite as good a day! I took him in the intermediate teams as he has too many points to jump the style rounds. He warmed up very well and nice and relaxed. I took him in for the first round where he got round the first four jumps really relaxed and positive. Then we came down to the three stride towards the first filler on the course, and he jumped in well and I think I rode him down the distance bit too much resulting in an abrupt stop and me flying over his shoulder. But we recovered and got back on for the second round, which we got down the one we had an issue over, then came to a scary wall, which was on a tight turn off the fence and he took a dislike to it! But we got over it and finished the course! Unfortunately this meant we didn’t get a chance to jump off.




We have done a lot of course training this month again where we’ve had to really get after him and encourage him over some fillers. But we’re getting to the stage where having a bad day doesn’t knock us back as far as it used to which I’m really happy with how our confidence is coming on. Ruby has just stepped up the gear and is jumping absolutely fab this season! I’m so excited to continue our training, and go into next season even more confident and ready to compete!image-03-09-16-03-44


I also took ruby xc for the first time this month and she went really well, she has never seen a xc fence in her life and she went in and out of the water and up and down steps and over some different fences. She was awesome! She went to dressage championships this month aswell, where she done a very tense sharp intro test for 2nd place, and then she relaxed and chilled for the prelim where she didn’t get placed but she produced a nice score in the 60’s. Very chuffed overall!




I just want to say a massive Thank you to Honeychop for letting me be part of the team and supporting me over the year! It’s been an awesome experience and I have made lots of new friends through it! I wish the Honeychop brand and team every success for the future, and I’ll look forward to keeping in touch with the girls and see how they’re doing and getting on! It’s been a pleasure! X


Thank you for reading and hope you all have a fab month!