corky-& I-at-our-last-honeychop-show

Well it doesn’t seem like 12 months ago that I got the phone call from Rachel Haigh to say id been picked to be the Honeychop star for the midlands but here I am writing my last blog for you.

And unfortunately this month has had its fair share of ups and downs.

Although some of my aims and goals weren’t achieved over this last year it has still been a learning curve and I’m sure with more to learn in the future. That’s the thing about horses, you are always learning.

We went back to East Shropshire riding club show this month as I wanted a rematch with the ‘unjumpable’ filler (ok so I exaggerate just a smidgeon) if you remember its the one we were eliminated at last time. It felt like unfinished business as i’d not managed to get him over it so . . . ……  mmm  Ok we got eliminated again but it wasn’t because of ‘the fence’ (liquorice allsorts filler) as he jumped it !!!! with a little more positive riding from me and a little help from my spurs.

A small victory to some but the cherry on the pie for me.

We went to Rodbaston agricultural college to show jump. We entered the 75 and the 85 and we were placed in both classes he jumped so well I was over the moon with him.

In the second class I didn’t ride a good line to a fence so he landed too far to the left.  The last fence would’ve had to be jumped on an awkward angle it didn’t seem fair to ask him to jump from such an awful angle over a square oxer that was bold and imposing.  I made the quick decision to circle and re-approach to which he then jumped it beautifully and as there was a low number of clears we even got placed. Its been a while since we had entered two classes jumped and had two classes clear (apart from my error) it felt a nice way to end my sponsorship. (not that I knew that at the time ☹)





The following morning he was due to be schooled, something I’m still finding hard to do due to my weak shoulder (now getting stronger) at the point of riding a 20 meter circle my friend Kate pulled him up and said “ somethings not quite right” I have my fingers crossed for a slight shoulder strain.

So now Corky is just being kept ‘ticking over’ on vets advice whilst I wait for him to be checked over its all precautionary at this stage as he’s not exactly lame and not exactly sound (confused you may be but its my gut instinct he’s got a strain)  on vets advice my farrier has checked for any foot problems with nothing showing.

So no more shows for the foreseeable and until he’s checked and no schooling and no jumping.

This month started so positively ☹

I’d like to wish the very best of luck to the three Honeychop stars who are continuing for the next 12 months and I look forward to seeing your posts and blogs through social media,  I’m sure we’ll all be following each other in the future.


All that’s left for me to say is a big ‘Thank you’ to all at Honeychop for your support and a massive thank you to my friends who have helped me over the last 12 months

Sharon Ashcroft (numerous help and support including video/ photos)

Katie Jukes (kept me going on the bad days)

Diane Tenn (major moral support)

Bree Roobottom (‘go on jump it ’)

Abbi Griffin (confidence boosting and spurring me on in lessons)

and of course you !! the people who have followed my blogs for the last 12 months some of you I know and some of you I’ve yet to meet.

So that’s all folks

See you soon at the local shows.


Goodbye from Teresa and Corky xxxxx