I genuinely can’t believe its Sea-kiss-goodbye-xptember already, that means I’ve had Skip 2 years! Bless him, my poorly poppet. I took Skip in to our local equine hospital where the vet X-rayed both of his hocks and his stifles, to find nothing. Although both stifles are swollen, he stands like a ‘stifle horse’, he trots like a ‘stifle horse’ and we are all convinced that its his stifles, there is nothing to be seen on x-ray. I’m just gutted, not that I wanted there to be something there, but at least if there was …I would know what the problem actually was and how and if I could treat it. But nothing.

Sadly this month I have had to wave goodbye to the big cheeky monkey, Skip’s owner decided to take him home, so he is no longer with me. It’s been a rocky road but he is the most amazing little horse and one that I will NEVER forget, or stop talking about! This month’s blog is dedicated to Skip.

Skip just had the BIGGEST personality, ever. From day 1, all you had to do was call his name and he was by your side within seconds, cantering across the field with his ears pricked, a sparkle in his eye and just the most loving look on his face. I know that horse loved me back, I know he did. I will miss Skip so much. He is only a couple hours away, but not seeing his little lugs galloping towards me every day is going to be a real struggle. Skip was the real winner of the Honeychop sponsorship. He deserved it, and I wouldn’t have won the competition in the first place without my noble steed now would I?!tigger-playing-side-saddle

This month did also bring some fun, Mr T and I have been enjoying lock hacks, we have started schooling now too. Tigger and I played dress up and did a walk trot display in the side saddle to take 1st place at a local showing show. The judges loved him and we had such amazing feedback. They didn’t even mind that I wasn’t ready to canter yet, after all, Tigger is still new to me and to be doing so well in the side saddle already is just massive! This horse is just going to be awesome. Tigger is beautifully mannered and just takes everything that I ask in his stride. I cannot wait to get started with this boy properly and have some real fun, he is sure going to teach me a lot, and I know it.

TiDSG_3641me for a delivery? As the winter months draw ever near, it’s time to get the winter gear out. Primarily the rugs, bedding and feed! With lovely fresh straw bedding stacked in the barn, new rugs bought in the sale last year, all that’s left is the feed order. Thankfully I have many great local feed shops to hand, Deeside Animal Feeds and Loanhead Equestrian being my main merchants and both businesses deliver too, I am so lucky to have them available to me and my feed bin will be well and truly stocked with Honeychop for the cold, dark days. Tigger might like something different, perhaps I will try him on the apple or the herby Honeychop! I’m sure he will love them all – no matter which I end up getting for him!

Until next month.

Forever in my heart Skip –

Grace and Tigger x