As I write this, I can hardly believe I have clipped not once, but TWICE already and it’s only the end of October, how many times have you clipped so far?  This year is the first time I have owned my own set of clippers having previously paid to get Mikey done, I decided I should bite the bullet and invest in my own set, I was a bit worried about what I might end up with and would I accidently clip off Mikey’s mane (whoops) but I had a helping hand and the result was OK!  I think a few more clips and I will fine with it, although I am hoping this next clip won’t need to happen quite as quickly!


Looking super smart in our honeychop gear

October was the month for the Wing Jumping and Dressage Centre Summer Dressage Championships.  Mikey had qualified earlier in the year and so we entered for the prelim championship test, my score wasn’t great which was quite disappointing, mostly down to accuracy of riding, I hadn’t ridden a test in a 60 x 20 arena before and so maybe I wasn’t as accurate as I can be, I think I need to practise that a bit more before I try a 60 x 40 test again.  My friend Candice had a great day and rode a really nice test to take 2nd place in the prelim class which was really well deserved.  First and second places were also lucky and amongst other lovely prizes received a Honeychop goody bag and free bag of their choice, the Honeychop calm and shine is always a firm favourite with the dressage crowd!  The show was really well run and everyone seemed to have a great time, it’s great to have such a nice local venue.  Honeychop will also be awarding a free bag of feed to the highest scores of the day over the winter dressage series at Wing Jumping and Dressage Centre, goody bags and money off vouchers will also be available for all (check their website out for a list of dates).


Team talks at flamstead hunter trials


Candice and I also headed out to Flamstead Hunter Trials this month, to do the pairs class, having walked the course the night before (in the dark, not our best idea!) we had plenty of time to scare ourselves about how big the course was, debate withdrawing and generally get ourselves in to a frenzy.  Please tell me I am not the only one who behaves like this the day before a show?!  We shouldn’t of worried, whilst there were definitely some meaty parts of the course, both height and width, and one set of very scary tyres, lifted off the ground, painted for good measure and heading down hill (they don’t look anyway as scary in the photos!) the horses loved it, and we managed a very respectable 3rd place!  Mikey hasn’t always been a speed machine, let’s just say a gentle canter is more his thing, but not so much these days, he flew round the course and definitely had some gas left in the tank as we landed over the last fence, I was over the moon with both horses, and even though it was a school night definitely enjoyed a glass of wine or two to celebrate!



Flying over the ditch


The look on my face sums it up!

Mikey had the dentist out for his annual check-up appointment, he was as good as gold to do and all was well with his teeth which is always good to know – although I don’t think I will ever get used to seeing the mad contraptions these equine dentists use! (Check out the short video if you want to see for yourself).


Having heard great things about his teaching I had a lesson with Nick Turner this month, his first question to me was “do I have your permission to take you out of your comfort zone”.  Eeek.  Yes, I replied.  (Whilst in my head thinking oh god what have I just signed up for!!) And I am so glad I did, the lesson was brilliant, Mikey was feeling great and jumped some of the best he has for a long time.  The biggest thing is my reins, lengthening them and getting my hands up and forward – I found it really nerve wracking to ride with what felt such long reins, but it worked, so I have lots of homework to do, I have even started riding at home with some tape on my reins to make sure I don’t revert back to my old habits (that may sound really geeky but its working!).


Getting used to my longer reins

This weekend we head to Your Horse Live, so we are looking forward to seeing you and talking to you all about the exciting next products Honeychop have just launched, Mikey is currently on the brand new Light and Healthy which is in the Free From Range and he loves it!  It smells lovely and has a great texture to it so come and see us on the stand at Your Horse live to see for yourself or check out the Honeychop Facebook page for more details.


Until next month

Laura and Mikey x