I can’t believe it’s the end of November, and boy what a month it has been! I traveled 500 miles, burst a suitcase, packed too many clothes, stood outside Stanstead airport for a fire alarm….and finally met the dream team at Honeychop HQ!!

The team were so welcoming, I genuinely felt like a part of the family. I got a tour around the farm, saw the ingredients, the machinery, the stores, and met the guys that make it all happen. I stood in amazement, I really didn’t know what to expect, but it was absolutely fabulous. Did you know that each and every bag of Honeychop goes through a metal detector?! No? Me neither!

So over the course of the weekend we laughed and laughed and of course, traveled to and ran our stand at Your Horse LIVE. The stand looked fab. Rachel and I had our doubts that the boys could pull together something resembling a stand from what started as two measly bits of wood – but give them their dues they did it!! And what a great job they did too. Check out the photo….

Our Your Horse Live Stand

Our Your Horse Live Stand

Whilst we were there, I managed to nip away from the stand to meet Olympic gold medalist Charlotte Dujardin, what an amazing opportunity! Charlotte was very kind and I even left her a bucket of free bag vouchers for Valegro! Funny story actually, talking of Charlotte! Whilst trying to navigate our way out of Your Horse, when the show was all finished, office manager Rachel and I decided to detour in a bid to make it out of the trades’ park quicker. In doing so, we found ourselves in the horse park. We caught a man walking towards us, so Rachel called out of the window in her Yorkshire accent “Ow do you get out of ere?’ the man laughed and suddenly I realised I knew him, he was the man that had accompanied Charlotte earlier in the day when I had met her, and there she was, walking behind him! Before I could help myself I called out “It’s Charlotte!!!!” Charlotte and her accomplice almost wet themselves laughing and kindly directed us out of the car park. What are the chances?!! Unbelievable! Claim to fame – We asked Charlotte for directions!!

Charlotte Dujardin!

Meeting Olympic gold medallist Charlotte Dujardin!

My trip to Honeychop HQ has only strengthened my love for the brand and their products. I came home feeling a total buzz and as if my trip south was all a dream, it really was that fun! I feel so privileged to be a part of such a great team and great company, which just so happens to manufacture the most amazing and high quality products too – #BONUS!

After many cuddles and soft nickers to welcome me home, Tigger and I packed up our shiny new branded clothing and saddle cloth and headed off to the North East Riding Club’s dressage competition, 40 minutes or so from the yard. I decided to spice it up a little and rode my test in my side saddle, after all, I don’t get all that many opportunities to ride in it over the winter months. Tigger, as always took it all in his stride and behaved impeccably in the negative degree’s Celsius conditions! I do need to work a little more on schooling him aside, but it will all come together with time. We finished up in 4th place on a score of 65% and I was delighted with the judges lovely comments. Watching the video back, I was also pretty darn happy with the way I rode too!

Side Saddle Dressage!

Side Saddle Dressage!

In other news, BusyBerry Pony (brother of Wilberry Wonder Pony) came to visit me this month! What a privilege. BusyBerry was having a holiday in Scotland with my friend Jemma in preparation for attending the BE Scotland ball. We took some promotional photos with BusyBerry and his favourite flavours of Honeychop and shared the posts on social media in a bid to raise awareness of the charity auction that was being held to raise funds for the charity. It is such a fantastic cause and Hannah Francis was such an inspirational young woman. Well done to Sarah Petrie who placed the highest bid and won the prize of a years supply of Honeychop! If you don’t already know about the Wilberry Wonder Pony charity, you should definitely look into it here. It really is a worthy cause > https://www.willberrywonderpony.org/


I didn’t realise how busy I had been this month until I started writing my blog, there are so many things I want to include, but I’ll have to leave it at that.

Come back next month! – Keep warm!

Grace and Tigger x