Merry Christmas

I love Christmas, I love glitter, sparkles, presents, home alone, elf and the general happy atmosphere. Tigger DID have his stable decorated for all of – 5 minutes and then my decorations were ripped to shreds! Batteries and shredded tinsel everywhere. Clearly Skip was more tolerant with mummy’s Christmas madness than Tigger is!

Happy Horsemas! Love Tigger x

It’s been a quiet month on the horse front really, I’ve been busy with Christmas shopping, working overtime, my car’s been in the garage and I’ve been going on Christmas nights out and trying to catch up with family further afield to deliver presents. Tigger had a week off work while I had a wee rest and prepared to eat my body weight in roast potatoes and turkey, ha – kidding, T did get a week off though! I have been looking after my riding instructors yard while she is sunning herself in South Africa, a mere 12 horses to turn out every morning – what kind of crazy person signs up for that?! Oh yeah – me, of course. It’s not been bad at all, I’m sleeping in the wee yard cottage and getting up at the crack of dawn to beautiful sun rises and crisp fresh frosted fields, which makes it, almost, entirely worth it. I hung my wreath on the cottage door, snow sprayed the windows and made the cottage feel a little more homely with candles and a light up snowman in place of a Christmas tree. I finish up my house sitting duties on the 26th and am looking forward to a lie in, a warm bed and spending some quality time with Mr T, the other half and my family.

FRC dressage outing! #tinseltime

Honeychop have now reached a mega 3,700 Facebook followers! #result! I am so proud to be and am still loving being a part of team Honeychop, I genuinely do hope that the company continue to grow, flourish and succeed throughout the UK and further afield, the products are unique, high quality and there is such a brilliant selection that there is something for EVERY horse or pony. You really can’t go wrong with Honeychop and I will vouch for them wherever I go!

We did make it out to Findon riding club’s winter league dressage at the beginning of the month, where we gained two scores of 66% and got some lovely comments, all corresponding with our typical dressage comments that T needs to be more supple, which is what I am working at on a day-to-day basis, so overall I was pretty pleased – one test was far better than the other, but with two different judges our marks were matched in both. I was pleased with the improvement in Tigger’s second test, he really settled in to it and worked nicely, the second was the important test, the one where we gain league points! His first test had been a little rushed, but we still pulled in 2nd place. As you can see from the photographic evidence, I rode T in a Christmas jumper, with lights and tinsel in his mane and to top it off, an inflatable giant candy cane…. how many people would manage that? He really is such a dude. #blessed

Until next year, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Stay safe and have fun, Grace and Tigger x

Happy times with Mr T

Some winter schooling at home