This month we represented Honeychop at oodles of outings! We were out 5 weekends in a row! Poor Tigger – Poor planning on my part, but he didn’t seem to care. He loads himself on to the box and stands like an angel every time without fail. Firstly we headed out to do a bit more affiliated BD, with a club that’s new to me, Gordon Dressage Group. They were very friendly and accommodating, Tigger and I left with a second place rosette and a score that I could smile about.

Tigger at BD, Cabin Equestrian. George Michie Photography.

Next up, another local venue and affiliated 2-day show. More progressive scores and Tigger gave me 4 great rides over the two days. Last but not least we headed to Findon Riding Clubs winter league, this was the second last competition of the series, and I’m excited for next month’s final, I’d love to get a league placing! Tigger has worked so hard and come on so far in such a short time and he deserves a special sparkly rozzer. We followed our dressage mad month with a week off for both of us, some time for Tigger to wind down, be a horse and then we got back on track with a week of pure hacking, and a fabulous beach ride!

(Many thanks to George Michie Sport Photography for the lovely dressage snaps from this month)

This month I have been trying to branch the Honeychop bug out a bit more and encourage local shops to take in a stock. Many thanks to Deeside Animal Feeds and Laurencekirk Pet Supplies who already hold a stock of the products. I am planning a visit to Broomhall, the main distributor in Scotland with Rachel and Steve, who are going to join me from Honeychop HQ next month and we will see what we can do to boost sales up here in Scotland!

We love our branded clothing!

Also this month – thanks to David Lawson Equestrian Events I met Sir MARK TODD!! What an amazing man, another famous face to add to my collection. We got to see Toddy teach a demo with a series of different level riders. What a great night we had, a few giggles and many fabulous horses/ponies and riders!

This month I’ve swapped Tigger on to one of our new products, the Natural Choice, he is lapping it up, I have a clean bucket every day! It smells amazing and I’ve had nothing but good feedback about the other product in the new rage too, the Lite and Healthy, which also smells AMAZING, it’s great to have such a wide range of products available, Honeychop genuinely do have something for every horse or pony.

Next up – saddle fitting and new shoes followed by our first showing show of the year at Netherton Equestrian in Perth. A new venue for me and a 2 hour drive to get there, but I am interested to see how the judging differs when I travel a bit further south. I’m sure Tigger will be hoof perfect as he always is, and the judges can admire him in his element.

My Mud Monster!!

Until next month, Grace and Tigger x

Tigger at the beach