How’s everyone doing?  This month has been pretty quite for Mikey and I, mainly down to a mystery “fat leg” that appeared at the beginning of the month, queue major panic, me thinking he had torn a tendon, writing off the whole season and not one but two trips to the vet, thankfully I am pleased to report, nothing showed up on the scan(s), and he is now undergoing treatment for some sort of infection, the antibiotics seem to be working – vet is back out next week for one final check so keep your fingers crossed for us, but we might be back to normal!  Phew.  Although I could of done without yet another bill to pay! Talking of bills I had my lorry floor partly replaced this month, I keep seeing all these scary pics on Facebook of horses going through the floors and decided I should get mine looked over as I suspected the floor needed some work, I am really pleased I did as the aluminium did need replacing – another large bill but safety is so important.  Anyone know what next week’s lottery numbers might be?!

The beginning of this month saw Mikey moving house, now my niece has a new pony we needed to find somewhere the both of them can live together, and we found a nice yard about ten minutes away from the house, a huge plus of the yard is direct access with no road work to the local hacking, where I was before had a 60mph road which was a bit scary and so I have hardly done any solo hacking, which at times has led to us being a bit sticky out on the XC course (or at least I am sure has played a part in him not being so bold and onward bound as he isn’t used to being on his own) so having moved to somewhere off road I vowed this year I would get out on my own, Mikey is as good as gold out hacking in company but solo can be a bit sticky, and very occasionally refuses to go where I want him to and spins on me, nothing major and nothing a good kick doesn’t solve but its not always as easy said than done, especially when you are on your own, so last weekend I put on my brave pants and headed out (I know I am not the only one who gets scared going out alone am sure lots of you reading this empathise with my situation), we had to have a bit of an argument to get out of the yard and the first ten minutes he wasn’t really striding out, but after that he was as good as gold, their was a minor OMG moment when a deer jumped out the hedge (at the same time as I was trying to take a photograph and therefore only had one hand on the reins!) but we did it, we survived, and even managed a nice canter round one of the fields, so onwards and upwards, I plan to try and get out once a week on my own especially as I plan to get out cross country once the ground dries up a bit.

My friend has recently launched a photography business and has used Mikey a fair bit to be her model and practise different shots, she’s got a great eye and I have some lovely photos from her, we decided to try a photo shoot with Mikey and my nieces new horse Ayia, she captured some really nice moments – we had our Honeychop branded gear on, so looked super smart – check out the pics below.

The Honeychop branded jackets look great and keep us warm out hacking!

Big smiles we are so lucky to have such big fields on the yard to ride round 🙂

March is going to be all about fitness for us, we have a sponsored ride at the end of the month which is 8 miles and around 40 odd fences, including a big scary plane, it’s a local highlight in terms of fun rides and I am really excited to go for the second year, we cleared the plane easy last year so I am hoping for the same again this year – my niece is coming on her new pony and wants to jump it, my advise was kick, hold on and close your eyes!  So after a few weeks off we will be working to make sure we are fit enough, lets just hope this rain stops so we can get out and have a goon hoon round the fields!

Until next month

Laura and Mikey x