That would sum up my last month, a big fat OUCH! After numerous trips back and forth from the doctor, chiropractor and physio, I finally got a referral for an MRI scan and this week it was confirmed I have a big fat prolapsed disc – I feel relieved that I now know what I am dealing with, however am feeling pretty down in the dumps about how long my recovery could be!

Having horses is always a balance, I don’t know about you but between work and finances, time and effort it’s a lot about logistics to make sure everything goes to plan. The next few months are going to be more tricky than ever, I am now not allowed to ride, and have been told to rest rest and more rest, which a lot like some of you I am sure, I am not very good at – but I am trying!

Mikey has been on schooling livery for this month, its given me the chance to rest my back and for him to have a bit of a boot camp! He has been over at Milton Keynes Eventing Centre, with Becca Finn. Becca has done a great job with him, I quickly brought her up to speed with where we are at in our training and the disappointment of the XC last month and she formulated a plan to get him going -he has spent the month without heading in to the arena once, he’s been out hacking round the miles of bridle paths, and enjoying the on site XC course, aswell as popping some show jumps for fun as part of his routine – he’s also been to a couple of local venues to do some clear round and he’s been coming on great – focusing on just going forward and off the leg has been the main aim of the game and he seems to have found his flow again – I cant wait to get back on board (when I am allowed that is!).

Boot camp is tiring!

This month we did feature in Your Horse magazine as part of their Hack 1000 miles campaign – check it out if you haven’t heard about it, its all about getting out and about hacking, and tracking your miles, just for fun but there are some prizes up for grabs too which is always a bonus!

Mikey and his friends appear in Your Horse magazine!

The summer should be a time for lots of horsey plans, however for now I cant plan anything – I have a follow up appointment in a few weeks time with the specialist to look at my options if the pain doesn’t reduce – so we will have to see what they say!

Until next time

Laura and Mikey x