It’s been an incredible month, Tigger has exceeded all expectations. Bearing in mind this is a horse that had been out of work for 9 months when I brought him home, that I had only sat on briefly for 10 minutes in a piddly section of garden! He has taken to showing like a duck to water and is bringing me so much happiness. He is such an easy going horse with a wonderful attitude to life. I just love him! We kicked off the month with the North East of Scotland Horse Show with a win in the side saddle equitation and a win in the side saddle horse classes, taking home the most beautiful trophy and area rosette! Next up was our first agri, Echt show, where Tigger once again took the win in the ladies side saddle and pulled 3rd in a strong class of hunters, with some lovely comments from the judge, and another trophy to add to his winnings!

July in a collage!

I managed to take some time out from my hectic show schedule and headed to the beautiful and scenic Pitlochry with my friend Nicola to try out some vaulting and trick riding with the Riders of The Storm Stunt Team. We were busting some crazy moves on horseback and had a fabulous day, I would really recommend the workshop to anyone nearby! I was due to compete at New Deer show the next day, but decided that Tigger and I would just have a chilled out weekend instead, I had sore muscles that I never even knew existed from my stunt riding experience!

We concluded the month with Banchory show and Turriff show,  which is the biggest agricultural show in the North East of Scotland. Tigger was once again on top form and as per usual, behaved very well on both days. We came home with 4th out of 9 in the in-hand hunters and 2nd out of 5 in the in-hand pre veterans at Banchory. Sadly no placings in ridden, but the judge took me aside and said I was only 1 mark off the 4th place in my ridden pre-veteran in a class of 9, the show was only placing to 4th! No placing in the ridden hunter but Tigger was great and gave the ride judge a lovely ride. As we drove down the hill on approach to Turriff show the next day, I turned to my friend and said “what have we done!” it was blinking massive! We were jammed into a lorry park that was already full to bursting, with no access to the side ramp and nowhere to tie up, as we had so little room. I just had to get Tigger ready while he was stood on the box and get on over to the warm up. I’ve never been to Turriff show before and had I, I probably wouldn’t have entered to ride there! The rings were all located in an inner core centre, with the warm up a sort of “race track” around the outside, you’ve got kids on ponies, horses in hand, working hunters and all the ridden horses trying to warm up together, it was absolute pandemonium! I wasn’t sure what Tigger was going to think of it all, there was a huge grandstand along one half of the warm up and stands/tents/bird of prey and pony pens all along the other. He however behaved in his usual way and didn’t bat an eyelid at anything, not even when one of the birds of prey jumped off its stand and started flapping at him, he is such a cool dude. First up ridden hunters where T stood 4th in a line-up of some stunning horses, he gave the judge a hoof perfect ride and was generally a very good boy. We missed the in hand hunter class, but there were 20 entered for it, so really I wasn’t all that upset about missing it!! Back to the trailer for a change of outfit and back in for the side saddle. Tigger warmed up feeling a little tired and I was a little nervous, the crowds had really built up by now and we were surrounded by hundreds of people. However in the ring he shone like the little star he is and did me proud. We placed 2nd and the judge was super complementary of us, which made me smile a lot. The lady in first place was on a beautiful coloured and just looked the picture of elegance, so I wasn’t upset to have come 2nd to her! It’s nice to see the numbers picking up in the side saddle, there were 5 entered in my class and 2 in the “non hunter/hack” side saddle class too. To end the weekend on a high we tacked up for one final time to ride in the grand parade! I’ve never even seen a grand parade before, let alone ride in one! I wasn’t sure what to do, or what to expect and was a little tense about the whole thing. They called us into the ring by section and we all lined up in the middle, then setting off for a parade around the ring. There were lots of overwhelmed horses, some upset by the band playing behind us and others upset by the clapping and cheering from the crows. Tigger waltzed round on a long rein, taking it all in. I was so proud of him, he really isn’t fazed by anything and I can always count on him to look after me. So overall a great weekend, and we have won enough prize money to cover all our entries and pay for some fuel too. That really makes a difference!

Look at his happy little face!

I am planning a few more Honeychop open days at the moment, and can’t wait to get back on the road and spread the Honeychop word! The “spotlight on” posts on Facebook seem to have worked wonders and have got many more people interested in and using our new products. Tigger adores his natural choice alfalfa and I have many friends using the lite and healthy now too.

Next month is the Blair Castle International Horse Trials, where I will have Henry with me for another #ScottishAdventure and will have plenty of opportunities to WIN! Keep checking our Facebook page for your chance to be one of our lucky Honeychop winners.

Happy August!

Grace and Tigger x