It’s been an odd month

The beginning of a new chapter, one without Tigger. I spent a lot of hours deliberating whether to start looking for a new horse or not. On one hand I thought it might be nice to have some free time, some additional money and the ability to just chill out over winter. But I have tried to give up horses before in the past and it didn’t bode well with me. But where to start? What kind of horse do I even want? I have had three loan horses over the last 6 years, 2 went back by their owners and sadly now I’ve lost Tigger. Loans were not something I went out looking for, there are so many complications and as I’ve experienced, owners can take their horses back at any time, decide to have them put to sleep or sit on the side lines and tell you how you should manage them. Having had two owners in the past take their horses back, I’ve been through some ordeals. The loans just always seemed to find me, and fell into place. Well that’s one decision made, If I am going to get another horse, I’m going to buy it, be the sole owner and sole person in charge! Tick…

Sleep tight Tigger

Size, colour, age, breed, type.. My search still needs narrowing down. A couple of things that I do know are that I want a horse that’s established, schooling nicely and popping fences, so that I can build up a relationship and get to know the new beastie over the winter, and get cracking with the showing as soon as the season starts again, and I would like to be able to continue my side saddle and showing.

So far I’ve been to see two horses, the first one I sat on was much too novicey for what I want to do. He was a little 7 year old coloured cob, very very sweet and lovely to handle, but not quite established enough in his ridden work for me.

I found another potential to view, a lovely overgrown fell pony, but when I googled his name I was hit with a newspaper article “pony thrown into dual carriageway after nasty trailer accident” … I’m sure he is fine, and I’m sure he does still load and travel well, but it just put me totally off, especially when nothing of it was mentioned by the seller, and he was being sold for bargain bucket money.

Mutual friends are great tools in buying horses, they know all the ins and outs and the horses past, I’ve managed to rule out wasting my time on a few viewings by chatting to friends in common about the horse  before reaching out to the seller. One thing I’ve picked up on is how many sellers miss out crucial information on their ads and waste not only their own, but the buyers time too by leaving the information from the ad and waiting until the questions are asked?! Only my opinion. But could have saved me some time personally, if all the important details were just posted in the original ad!

T’s trophies from the 2017 season

Next stop was with a chestnut gelding, only a few miles from home. A lovely friendly chap with most of his experience on the eventing field. He gave me a beautiful ride in the ménage, and I continued by taking him for a hack, in the traffic, down country lanes and for a gallop on the track. He was very sweet and did everything perfectly. I’m already organised for a second viewing! You better keep up to date with my blogs to find out what happens next!!

I’ve not got much else on the cards at the moment, on the 3rd of November I fly to sunny Florida for 2 weeks! I can’t wait, a much needed break after all that’s gone on recently. When I return I’m running another open day in conjunction with Norvite in Oldmeldrum. It’s such a beautiful store and I cant wait to go back. Hopefully some of my local friends will make it along and support the open day.

Thankfully before Tigger left us, I got the chance to get some lovely photos taken with him by a good friend. Thanks to Stephen Hammond for the great shots, capturing precious memories.

Cheeky grin!

Grace x