N for November..N for new horse!

I would like to introduce you all to my new noble steed, Gerry! Gerry is a 16.1, chestnut Dutch Warmblood. Gerry’s past life has been spent on the eventing field, he is very sweet and has a super cheeky personality. So far so good, I have had him just over a week and he has settled in really well. He arrived minus one shoe so we conquered the nerves around “how is the new horse going to be with the farrier” straight away and all was grand. People always say “good to shoe, good to box etc” but until you have experienced it for yourself, it’s a slightly nerve-wracking time! But all is going well so far. We have ridden in the indoor school a few times and although slightly distracted, Gerry has been great. He has been beautifully schooled in the past and I really feel like we are going to get on well together! Gerry’s post name is “Elmside Grande Class” – it sounds super posh, I love it! I’m hoping to do a bit of working hunter in 2018, and hopefully Gerry will allow me to continue my side saddle showing too. Time will tell!

Elmside Grande Class

The one thing I am really looking forward to about him being a chestnut – is having a lovely shiny coat to play with! That’s the one thing I’ve missed about my last two horses being grey – the lack of impressive shine! #RollOnSummer

Unfortunatley my Honeychop open day at Norvite had to be rescheduled, but I am looking forward to booking a new date and heading back over to that beautiful store in Oldmeldrum. If you have a feed store near you that you think may be interested in an open day, do get in touch and we can get one organised. Open days are a great way to get some more information on the products, get your hands on some samples and have a bit of a social too!

I can’t believe it’s the end of November already, this year has just come and gone in a flash, soon we will be into 2018 and the summer will be upon us again! (a girl can dream right?) Hopefully you have both yourself and your horses all prepared for winter, I know I certainly find it beneficial to have a little bit extra of everything to hand… Feed, bottled water in case of frozen taps, spare clothes in case I get wet, grit salt for the yard and just all of the little things that may be required when the weather is against us..Number 1 on the list is .. spare GLOVES!! Certainly up here in Scotland the weather is against us 90% of the time!!

I spent the start of the month in Florida!

Anyway, don’t forget to check out the other girls blogs, Laura and Rebecca are great and both hilarious too – I really don’t know how they manage to make their blogs so entertaining! Check them out if you have a spare moment.. Its you guys that we write them for!

Have you seen our #HoneychopHorseyHacks series? We asked some of you for your suggestions too and we had some really great ones coming in. We plan to run the series throughout the winter, so do send us your hacks if you think of any more that may benefit others!

Have a great month,

Grace and Gerry x