I write this blog 5 weeks post a back operation, you may remember I have been suffering with prolapsed disc for some months now, after months of pain, physio, chiro, rest, plus 2 lots of steroid injections I decided enough was enough and went in to hospital for a discectomy.  I’m not going to lie I was terrified about the whole thing, and put it off for as long as I could but you can only deal with so many sleepless nights from being in pain before you decide you need to just bite the bullet.

So, how’s the recovery going?  In a word, slow!  I feel OK, but still not pain free, I am now up and about, doing a little each day, thank god for the help of my amazing Dad and friend Candice who have been looking after Mikey for me – I literally couldn’t have done it without you!  My days have been passing quite quickly, but if anyone has any box set recommendations feel free to pass them on!  I have my 6-week review with the specialist next week, let’s hope he gives me the green light to get back driving, back to work and more importantly back in the saddle!

A little bit of fun before the op?!  Before the operation as one last pre op treat we headed over at to Cholsey Farm which is in Ibstone for the day.  The hacking there is amazing and you can be assured of a warm welcome from Jackie and her husband Ted – we opted to “self-guide” and armed with a  map and some directions we set set off (map reading isn’t a skill of mine so I left that to Candice!) we had a great 3 hour hack and stopped part way round for a lovely cake and hot chocolate at a café that’s on the edge of the forest there.  If you aren’t up for map reading round your ride you can take on of the guided tours – we plan to head back in the new year for a few days and will explore the area some more!

What a view!

Having fun at Cholsey Farm

Snow, snow, snow!  I can’t finish this blog without mentioning the SNOW.  Blimey!  We had a decent dumping of snow in Bedfordshire where I live, followed by a cold snap, and from watching the news it seems like there was a load of snow related drama all over the country, so I am sure like many of you up and down the UK it’s been tricky with the horses. The yard was like an ice rink yesterday and it was too dangerous to try and get the horses to walk on the frozen concrete to get to their paddocks, but he’s out in the field this afternoon as the thaw is on its way – let’s hope there isn’t any more bad weather for a while!

The view from my window on Sunday!

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I hope all your Christmas preparation is going well, this year has been easy for me, as I am not really up to spending hours in a shopping centre, I have ordered all my Christmas shopping online! I will be back in a few weeks with my final blog of 2017.  Good luck with your Christmas shopping – and don’t forget those box set recommendations!

Until next time

Laura and Mikey x