Happy new year to you all! Hope you had a great Christmas and new year’s break. I had a reasonably quiet time spent with family, and was at work in between the two holidays. I ate so much food, and had a lovely time while doing so!!

Gerry has settled in to his new home perfectly and I am over the moon with him. He is super sweet and is really enjoying being back in proper work. I haven’t popped a fence on him yet, but I just know he is going to be a little machine when we get round to that!!

Thanks to all of the people that came along to the Honeychop open day at Norvite in Oldmeldrum. I really enjoyed my day chatting to you all and promoting the brand. The team at Norvite are all so lovely and are very well trained in Equine nutrition, if you have never been down to this store you should really consider going! It’s absolutely beautiful, and you could spend hours browsing!

I’ve not got too much planned for this month, trying to get out hacking when I can at weekends to work on fittening the ginger one up, he seems to really enjoy hacking. We went about 4 miles last weekend! We found some great hills to walk up and had some lovely long canters, it was great fun. The weather was relatively kind to us too. He is starting to muscle and condition in the right places already, far sooner than I would have expected him to. I guess it wasn’t all that long ago that he was a lean, mean, eventing machine! So maybe the muscles just needed reminding where they should be!

Gerry is cheeky and has a lovely kind eye, he loves to lick hands – but not the lick-it’s that I bought him! Haha, its always the same isn’t it. He is hoovering up his Honeychop with garlic every day and im pleased with how he is coming on.

I’m picking up my new truck this weekend! Im super excited. It’s a Nissan Navara. A bit of an upgrade my my battered old Hilux, but in saying that I can’t fault it – it has towed my horses up and down the country like a boss and I’ve never had a problem with it! I’ll miss the old banger..or maybe not! Can’t wait to have the luxuries of Bluetooth, Aux and a phone charger again!

Until next month!

Snowy Scottish Scenes

Grace and Gerry x