I can’t believe its blog time again! January has just flown by. I’ve spent the last week of the month very ill after having an allergic reaction to anti-biotics, it was seriously unpleasant!

A Gerry kiss for Emma!

So because I’ve been ill poor Gerry hasn’t been having much fun. My mum and one of the girls at the yard were very kind and checked him over and fed him for me while I was stuck in bed, but I’m sure he was wishing to be ridden! Hopefully I’ll be feeling 100% and will be able to get back on at the weekend to get out hacking. I’m dying to get the side saddle on him too, I think he’s ready to have his first experience now! Exciting times. I really also ought to pop a fence before my nerves get the better of me and I conveniently never get round to it. Although I’m nervous, I am really looking forward to being able to jump again, and cant wait to get round my first course in however many years. Its probably coming up for at least 2 years now since I’ve last jumped! The goal would probably be to WH at Blair, but I’m saving that as a goal for 2019, 2018 is probably a little too soon for us yet!

Starting jumping again will be a great excuse to use all of the exercises we were given from Tim Page, the international showjumper way back at the start of the Honeychop sponsorship program, when Tim issued us with some jumping exercises to ride through with our horses. These were published in the Scottish rider magazine (or equivalent) and we videoed ourselves riding through them. Some I found very challenging and others worked really well for me. I look forward to giving them a second attempt with Gerry! The videos are still on the honeychop facebook and youtube accounts, you should check them out if you get a chance and ride through them yourself! See what you think of them.

The new truck is absolutely fabulous! All its missing is a tow bar, which my dad has very kindly agreed to fit when the weather gets a little warmer! Then we can get out and get cracking again. I need to get back into the lessons too. But what’s the rush right? 

A Touch of physio from Armstrong Physiotherapy!


The new wheels!

Gerry has swapped from calm and shine to the Honeychop with garlic, I added some brewers yeast to his feed, and he wasn’t all that enamoured with it after that. I gave him it the next day with a sample of the garlic chaff and he gobbled it up without a second thought! Next stop, feed shop for a red bag of Honeychop!! There really is something in the range for every horse or pony. The products are so versatile and well-priced. I’m so glad to be involved with such a great brand! He was reviewed by our awesome physio Anna Armstrong this month, and Anna was pretty pleased with him. He was a good boy for Anna and doesn’t need to see her again until March. I’m happy he’s firt and healthy, I’m also happy for my bank balance 😀 

Until next month (when hopefully I will have popped a fence and ridden Gerry aside!!)

Grace and Gerry x