Oops – Im so behind with my blog! Sorry guys! What a month it has been. The “Beast from the East” certainly blew in and caused total havoc and the “Pest from the West” didn’t do us many favours either! I got my saddle back from the saddle fitter after 3 weeks of little-no riding (I did ride bareback once and borrowed a saddle once too!) and rode Gerry once in the revamped saddle before… the snow came! And boy did it come. We had about a foot of the stuff lying on the ground the first morning, and it just didn’t let off for a good few days. It was a struggle to get to work and to get to the yard safely but I made it, picked out hooves, fed Gerry and checked him over, taking extra care to not slip and fall myself this time! My knee is still bruised from my fall on the first of Jan!! The snow cleared…he lost a shoe, the FLOODS came, and THEN..the abscess came!

Popping our first fence together!

Snowy G

Feb/March have just been completely against us, Poor Gerry. He was feeling quite sorry for himself but thankfully the very day we discovered the abscess was the day Gerry was due to get his shoe back on – so the farrier was already on hand to take a look. 4-5 days later, the OTHER shoe is back on and we are back to normality after numerous trips to buy more poultice pads and bedding for the invalid! Phew – glad that’s over and G is feeling better. One thing good to come from this is the discovery of the Woof Wear poultice boot – stick on your poultice, stick on the boot and off he went into the field. In the wettest of mud that boot stayed put and the poultice inside was bone dry every day! I was seriously impressed by it!

Gerry was SO happy to get back into work, I took him for a wee 15 minute hack down the old railway line and his ears were pricked the whole time. He loves being worked and especially loves hacking! He did pull his shoe off AGAIN, but thankfully I have the best farrier and she nipped out some day to nail it back on (after I spent 45 mins in the snow looking for it, cheers Gerry!) but once it was back on we got out on another hack, and another the following day.. and then here we are!

Did you see my video of the flooding on the Honeychop FB page? https://www.facebook.com/Honeychop/videos/1858199094210467/ It was so scary! 

Gerry in his WoofWear poultice boot!


So I’ve not got too much planned for the rest of this month, still need to get my towbar fitted to my new truck. Thankfully it is bought and my lovely dad is planning to fit it next weekend, so fingers crossed the final snow drops have fallen and the sun comes out for dad doing that! There is some show jumping next Sunday within hacking distance that I might venture along to – provided Gerry keeps his shoes on and the weather is nice. That would be good fun, but I’ll see how we go!

So, as I round off another blog, I’ll leave you with some more reading material. Check out this article on the importance of feeding fibre, it’s a great read and covers a very important subject for us horse owners! https://www.honeychop.com/help-advice/the-importance-of-feeding-fibre/

 Until next month,

Grace and Gerry x