Happy Easter! I can’t believe its April already, I feel like the months are just flying in and I’m getting left behind!

Police horses in Glasgow

We didn’t make it out to the show jumping last month, but instead tried the side saddle on Gerry and got him going in it for the first time! He handled it perfectly and was a total gentleman. I think he’s really going to make a perfect ladies horse with his flicky toes and general presence. I cant wait for summer to get him out to a show! In the meantime ill school in it once every couple of weeks and get hacking in it too. I need to get him used to it, allow him to develop the right muscles and get myself back into the swing of it all too! I noticed in the videos I was collapsing to the right, and also that my stirrup was far too short! It really helps to get someone to video you when you can, there are so many small things you can pick up on and correct yourself “behind the scenes” before your next lesson.

First time sidesaddle!

Spring has sprung! The sun has been out and the rugs have been off!! Gerry has loved a few naked days in the sun, he’s quite a clean boy and I haven’t had to deal with any mud disasters (yet!!) As the temperatures rise, I plan to switch Gerry on to the Honeychop with garlic. It really helps for keeping those pesky flies at bay and garlic has many other great health benefits too. He also loves the taste!!

I won a competition this month!! It was run by my equine physio and I am so grateful to have won Gerry’s next session for free! Anna Armstrong is a vital part of my equine team along side the farrier and the vets. She will give Gerry a check over and work on any niggles he may have!

Spending time together in the sun

I really appreciated a short break away with my family this month over the easter weekend, I spent time in the pool with my nieces and nephews, ate some lovely food and caught up with family. Gerry enjoyed some time off while I was away and I got a lovely welcome home on my return! I spotted this cluster of gorgeous police horses when I was away and just had to get a photo! They look great.

Until next month

Grace and Gerry x