We’ve waved goodbye to another month! Doesn’t time fly? We’ve had a busy month, I’ve finally started getting Gerry out and about! Firstly we headed off to a local “fun ride” where we tried out hooves to some cross country and rode around 8km of a beautiful countryside estate. We had a great day, Gerry was a little enthusiastic but did settle down into it once we got moving! There were 33 horses out and we had great weather on the day. I wore my go pro helmet cam and got some amazing footage of the day. Gerry and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. 

I’ve been doing lots of hacking and Gerry is feeling fit now, but still lacking in topline and a bit of condition. Hopefully now the spring grass has started coming through he will get some condition on and the muscle we will just have to wait on, we are putting the right work and feed in and so all I can do now is wait patiently! Sunshine on a rainy day

Mid-month we headed out to Gerry’s first show! I didn’t have a groom or anyone to keep me company even so I was a little worried, but Gerry proved I had nothing to worry about and behaved impeccably. I was so relieved. He warmed up well both indoors and out at a venue he had never been to before and he didn’t look at a thing, you would never have known it was his first time there. We were in a mixed ridden horse class with 3 lovely big hunters, we were the only non-hunter which was a little disappointing from a show turnout perspective but Gerry went perfectly and I couldn’t have asked him to do anything differently. I was so chuffed and the relief of “first show in the bag” soon followed. It was a great day.

Spring time snooze!Now the sun has finally broken through those winter clouds and the temperature has risen a little, those pesky flies are soon going to be making an appearance. Gerry is loving his Honeychop with garlic and I can rest easy knowing that the garlic will naturally aid in the repellent of the flies and also comes baring additional health benefits.

Next month we have our first show jumping outing planned, I’ve done things slightly backwards.. cross country before show jumping?! But Gerry knows his job and I’m confident in him! It’s a charity show so lovely to be raising money for our local RDA at the same time. End of the month will bring Gerrys side saddle debut show in the lovely local showfield. I am really looking forward to this!

Enjoy the sunshine! Gerry certainly has been.

Grace and Gerry x


First show!