So the end of another month has come, and I’m back to blog writing! I seem to have completley missed out a month! Sorry! Its been a very hot month this month, scorched grass and temperatures too hot to ride in but we were grateful for a bit of rain when it did come and are enjoying the sun while its here!

We’ve been out on a few outings recently, some cross country training and we kicked off our summer of showing starting with the Brechin Spring Show. I took Gerry down to do the affiliated side saddle classes. This was only his second show and first on grass, but he was hoof perfect and was very well behaved the whole time. We had a good turnout in our first side saddle class, the affiliated equitation where there were 5 of us. This class judges me rather than Gerry, I didn’t have any expectations and was so, so delighted to take the win! I couldn’t really believe it! Next up was the side saddle best horse or pony class, which judges Gerry. We pulled 3rd in that one, he was a good boy again but I could feel him tiring under me. It was a very warm day and he had worked hard in the first class! We had a short break before the championship and I very stupidly put my side saddle back on too far forward! I was quite annoyed at myself and Gerry was also exhausted by this point and the other two side saddle ladies in the championship very much deserved their champion and reserve posts! Next time hopefully Gerry will be a bit fitter and it wont be as warm. I definitely wont make the saddling up mistake again!

Cross Country Training!

Next up was the Findon Summer Show, I entered our first working hunter and the side saddle class. Workers was up first, Gerry jumped a beautiful and very stylish clear round in the “novice” 85cm class. I was just delighted, we then lined up for the judge to ride, and for her..he was a gentleman, obviously! We won the class, I was chuffed to bits and maybe even shed a tear! Our first showing season has really set off to an amazing start! On cloud 9, I got tacked up for the side saddle class. I was sadly the only one in it, but it meant I got the ring to myself and the judge gave me the opportunity to just show off Gerry and what we could do, so in that respect it was a great bit of ring experience for us. We went back in for the ridden horses ring championship and managed to scoop reserve champion!! I couldn’t believe it, I’ve never been placed in a championship before so this meant so much to me. We packed up and headed home, it had been a long day and I decided not to push him and stay for the supreme overall.

Reserve Champion!

Later that week we nipped down the road to our local riding club’s show field for a spot of evening showjumping. I entered the 80cm, Gerry jumped, again, a super clear round and (even taking the long route in the jump off) finished up in 2nd place. What a nice surprise! He really does excel in jumping and has still yet to touch a pole both at home or away! Boy’s got scope that’s for sure!

Gerry had his teeth done this month, the vet was happy with how they looked and he had a wee hook filed down, hopefully that will make things more comfortable for him! A good thing about feeding Honeychop is that its a short chop, which decreases the need to rely so much on the teeth for cutting, which is great for those who suffer from poor oral health.

We did have a show entered for this weekend, one of my favourites of the year but sadly it has been cancelled with a lack of entries. I’m just gutted and hopefully it will be back on the cards for next year. So a quiet weekend ahead, perhaps I will have myself some R&R and Gerry can take it easy too.

Next month’s agenda is currently pretty free with one weekend occupied by a local agricultural show. I’ve entered the riding horse and the side saddle, it would be great to retain our side saddle title and beautiful trophy from last year! Fingers crossed. There is some combined training at the later end of the month that I might enter, we will see how we’re going. But its great to get out and we are both really enjoying out outings in the sunshine.

Working hunter photo with great thanks to Stephen Hammond Photography.

Findon Summer Show

Until next month.

Grace and Gerry x