Thats not how I left him..

It’s been a reasonably quiet month on the horse front this month. I have enjoyed some quieter weekends and Gerry has had some time off. He enjoyed his wee holiday when I was down at Your Horse LIVE with team Honeychop. I had a cracking time and it was lovely to catch up with everyone again, including Laura, the other Honeychop star and “Wanna be in the ribbons” blogger. I flew down to Honeychop HQ on my birthday, and the next day we packed up the van and headed off to the show. We had a good laugh getting everything set up and made light of some hard work. The stand was looking fabulous, I’m sure you will agree and amazingly we were awarded with a silver award from BETA for our stand and staff presentation, we were delighted. The stand was super busy over the 3 days and we were kept on our toes, it was so lovely to meet so many friendly faces and it was a real social occasion, but of course the aim of the game was to spread the Honeychop word. I think we did a pretty good job, we handed out a lot of samples and got some really good feedback from people who are already using the products. We had our new Honeychop feed stirrers on the stand as well which are great, I brought one home for using, and got another signed by Geoff Billington! I wont ever be using that one.. in fact I might frame it 😉 So it was a super weekend, though my feet were throbbing by the last day, I made it home and got a lovely welcome from Gerry. Thanks to my lovely mum for taking care of him in my absence.

The Honeychop stand at Your Horse LIVE

Honeychop BETA Award

It had been a stressful few weeks before I flew down to Honeychop. We had to move yard as Gerry’s field companions moved elsewhere and there were no other field companions for G. We had only a days’ notice and managed to get a space in a yard I’d been at in the past. Gerry got a little battered in the beginning while the herd was re-established, but thankfully he is now settled in and quite happy. There is nothing more painful that seeing your horse covered in cuts and scars, its heart-breaking, but its all part of horses being horses isn’t it!

Next stop, the vet! Gerry’s booked in next week to be scoped for ulcers. He’s been a bit unhappy girthing up lately and I just have a feeling something’s not right. Fingers crossed for next week that all is fine, though if its not I’m glad I will know for sure, and can treat it!

We’ve got some more dressage in a few weeks, I’m in two minds about doing it aside this time, as the new yard we have moved to only has a very small school to practice in, and I struggled to ride side saddle in there when I was there in the past. I’ll give it a try and see how we get on. It would be nice to be able to do all the league competitions side saddle, that way we’ve been consistent throughout!

Soon after that it’ll be Christmas! How time has flown, I cant believe another year has passed as a Honeychop sponsored rider too! I am so grateful for their continued support and kindness, we are proud to be a part of the team!

Sporting our Honeychop Saddlepad

Until next time

Grace and Gerry x