It finally feels like spring! Sun, wind, hail and rain all in one day.. welcome to Scotland! Its been a quiet month for Gerry and I, primarily because I was wiped out for almost 2 whole weeks with a chest infection. Luckily my lovely mum was on hand to sort Gerry out for me – thanks mum! Thankfully I’m now fully recovered and am back on track.

We are loving our new barrow! Thanks team Honeychop

This weekend see’s us attending the final of our local riding club’s winter dressage league on Saturday and another local riding clubs annual “winter woollies” show on the Sunday. We have competed at 3 of the league dressage competitions and all under side saddle – we have had some really good comments and scores from the judges so far so I am feeling really positive about Saturday! Gerry always seems to excel when he’s in the ring and our practice runs are all going well. Sunday I just plan to enter the riding horse class, the show starts at 9am and we’ll be in class 2 so should be a nice short show day and we will get home and have Sunday afternoon to relax. I’m hopeful Gerry will manage to keep his plaits in over both days – what’d you reckon?! Its been a pleasant week this week with some milder temperatures so here’s hoping it stays that way for the weekend! The only thing about showing at this time of year is a nice coat – its that kind of scruffy stage where his clip is still really visible and I would really like his summer coat to make an appearance!

We’ve finalised lots of plans this month for the months ahead, its all getting quite exciting! We have a cross country lesson booked for the beginning of April, I booked myself in and paid the deposit then thought…. Oh… what have I done! Ha-ha-, Cross country is something I am keen to get going with as Gerry absolutely loves it, I just need to find my brave pants and get practising. After that theres a working hunter show on surface. Would be great to get some comments from a WH judge and find out what he thinks of Gerry as a WH for the year ahead. We’ll see how tiring the XC lesson the day before is before deciding whether to attend that or not! The following weekend see’s plans to attend a “pick a fence” cross country event, hopefully we can put what we have learned at our lesson into practice! Gerry will love it. Theres some evening show jumping options on the cards too, all depending on weather and how things are going at the time I guess! Its nice to have options, there are so many shows on this year there is so much to chose from. I’m not going to lie I tend to pick the ones that incur the least trailer travel time!! Stabling is booked and paid for for the side saddle national show! I cannot wait, having never been before and deciding to make the trip its something I am definitely looking forward to and I am really going to put in the time and effort practising to make it worthwhile.

Springtime schooling at home

Gerry is still thoroughly enjoying his Honeychop, he gets annoyed sometimes that sneaky mummy puts supplements in there that ruins the taste though! I’m considering swapping him on to the Honeychop with garlic to disguise the supplements better(don’t tell Gerry they’re still in there) The Honeychop with garlic contains enough garlic that you don’t need to feed an extra supplement, its great for the summer months and helping with those pesky flies, and we all know garlic is a great antioxidant.

Ive had lots of enquiries lately about feeding honeychop and people looking to buy, its great to see a spark in interest. Hopefully some of our local feedstores can be persuaded to keep a stock to save people having to order in, which can incur a bit of wait time whilst its shipped up from the supplier. Have you checked with your local store to see if they might hold some in stock for you? Most are willing if you are going to be ordering regularly!

A bit of good news on the yard move front, we should be heading back to the old yard just shortly! I was really chuffed the evening I found out. Gerry will have some friends to keep him company in the field and can continue to live out at night over the summer. I really hope he settles back in as if he never left.

Until next month (when hopefully we will be back home)

Grace and Gerry x

Show day smooch..