Hello there guys, it’s Laura here, hope everyone is well!

I have been a bit quite for the last few months and wanted to give you all a bit of an update and explanation as to why.

It’s been a tough six months, after a fabulous summer and lots of fun Mikey was found to have some damage to his proximal suspensory way back in September of last year.

The scan image from last year!

A LOT has gone on in the last six months, progress, undoing of progress, tears and sleepless nights!

I can bring you up to speed on the whole six months in just six brief sentences … are you ready, let’s get set , let’s GO.

  1. September 2018 – Mikey is a little bit lame, not obvious and it’s only really showing on a circle on the left rein, after lots of scans and nerve blocks he is diagnosed with some damage to proximal suspensory.  No holes thankfully, but all the same it’s a bit of a blow.
  2. 6 weeks box rest now follows – good lord, this is rubbish, mucking out twice a day, having to get up at 530am week days to sort him out before going to work, it’s dark all the time, and we generally don’t have a good time of it.  After 6 weeks he’s allowed back out in a field, in a very confined space.
  3. November 2018 it’s time for a 10 week check up – he is now showing a LOT lame, in a straight line and on a circle and on both reins.  Back to the drawing board and more tests/scans and x-rays, it seems we now have some new bone growth between the splint and cannon bone which we need to settle down, this is likely to be causing the issues.
  4. December 2018 all the way through to February 2019 – more box rest – not going to lie we both hated this!
  5. February 2019 – finally trotting up sound for the vet and allowed back out in a small confined space.  Yippee!
  6. That brings us up to March 2019 – we are now six weeks in to our rehab of hand walking and ridden walk work.

And breath – there we have it, six months, in six sentences!

We did get some respite from the stable being allowed to use the corral at our yard!

It’s safe to say I have had better times, the box rest was a killer, poor Mikey stuck in his stable all that time, it’s not been much fun.  But I think things are finally on the turn!

We had another vet review today, and thankfully the turn out and walk work hasn’t sent his progress backwards, and he is still looking sound, in a straight line and on a circle so we will now increase the walk work and the size of his paddock and review again in a month’s time with the view of starting to think about some trot work and getting him back out with the heard he normally goes out with during the day.

Rehab begins my niece Amy and Mikey looking happy to have something to do finally!

I hope the winter has been kinder to you than it has to us, we will be back blogging regularly from now on, keeping you up to date on our progress and letting you all know how our rehab is going!

Until next time

Laura and Mikey x