Sadly May has been and gone out the door again and Gerry’s still on boxrest. He is being reviewed again at the beginning of June and I am really hoping he can get back out to his field. He’s done really well to have been box rested for 7 weeks now, but I think we are just about both at the end of our ‘maximum box rest time’ now! The vet injected some steroids into his fetlock just last week as after 6 weeks of rest there was still no improvement in the swelling or lameness. 4 days later and he is looking considerably better, he almost doesn’t look lame and just looks a little stiff now, which I guess you would totally expect with the box rest. Keep your fingers crossed that Gerry gets the go ahead to go back outside with his friends! That will be a happy day when it comes.

Sleepyhead in the vet hospital for his treatment

This month I did manage to steal a couple of rides on my friends lovely horses. I borrowed the lovely Worsenden Liberty for the Brechin spring show, where we managed to dodge the rain and come 2nd in the small hunter class, little mare is such great fun to ride. Thanks Fiona for allowing me the ride! Then I borrowed Bogton Commander the Clydesdale for the Findon riding club summer show, you may remember Commander from the past as I borrowed him for the Caledonian Showing Championships in 2017 when Tigger was lame. He is a super sassy Clydesdale and loves to have a wee buckaroo when he’s excited. Whoever said Clydesdales were docile was wrong!

Worsenden Liberty

Plans are in the making for my next visit to Honeychop HQ – exciting! Cant wait to go back down and catch up with the team again at Your Horse LIVE in November, secretly hoping our stand is parked right beside the chocolate fountain man again!! Boy those kebab sticks of strawberries and marshmallows covered in chocolate were the business!

Hopefully next month I will have a much happier and more fruitful blog update for you all. This month has been stressful and tiring for both Gerry and I, and I cant wait for him to be feeling better!

Until then,

Grace & Gerry x