Hello there everyone 🙂

I hope you are doing OK – and survived the heatwave – how hot was it?  Jeez.  HOT HOT HOT is all I can say! I don’t know about you but I was actually delighted for some cooler temperatures towards the back end of last week to be honest. 😉

Mikey’s progress is still coming on every day, and I feel like we are starting to resemble the old Mikey (and me!).  I can hardly believe we are coming up to a full year post getting the diagnosis he had some damage to the left fore proximal suspensory. It’s been one hell of year, and I just hope the worst is behind us and the rehab journey continues to go from strength to strength!

Mikey had his regular Vet Physio appointment earlier this month.  Sarah (who has treated Mikey regularly for the whole time I have owned him) was really pleased with how he was moving, and how he was feeling through his whole body.  There was no tightness in his left shoulder which has been one of the tell tale signs that the leg is grumbling so that was a big relief. In fact, we have decided he can go two months before his next appointment as we both feel he is finally getting back on track.

Getting his regular Physio treatment from Sarah


Talking of progress, have a look at these transformation pictures – what a difference huh?!  Sometimes it can be so easy to feel like you are getting nowhere fast. Looking at these four pictures really made me see how far we have come in the last six months. And yes, I know he still needs to loose more weight, and put on more muscle, but we will get there!  Rome wasn’t built in a day after all.

What about the hacking?

The hacking has been going really well for us, my confidence is definitely improving each time we go out. If I go out with my niece Amy on the pony she rides I have no choice than to go in front as Jake only has little legs. To be honest though it’s perfect as it makes both Mikey and I pull up our brave pants and get on with it!  Hacking out with our buddies Stu and his owner Candice is a different story, Stu has big long legs so we tend to spend most of our time behind.

Enjoying the freshly cut hay fields!

I was thinking about taking Mikey to a showing show last week, I had found one fairly local to me, and on a surface which was ideal, however with the temperatures that we had last week I just didn’t feel it would be fair to take him.  He would of been travelling in the hottest part of the day, and after 11 months away from the competition scene I decided a few more weeks wouldn’t hurt!

We did however manage a trip to our local gallops over the weekend, we certainly didn’t break any speed limits, I just wanted to take it nice and easy, but we had a great time cantering up the big long hill. Mikey certainly enjoyed himself and had a well learnt day off the following day!

We have switched our feed recently, and I have changed Mikey on to the Honeychop Senior, he is 13, and whilst not technically a veteran jut yet, he really loves the taste. I think it’s the mint flavour that makes him get tucked in and for me knowing their are added oils to help with his joints it’s a win win!

That’s all for now, I hope those of you with kids are serving the school holidays and for the rest of us we are just enjoying the lack of traffic on the roads!

Until next time Laura and Mikey x