Who turned up the heat! That’s right, it’s been hot in North East Scotland too! It’s nice to have a normal summer again – where one minute its 20 degrees and the next minute its raining, not compared to last years constant heat and total drought! I much prefer this weather for the grass growing and hay being cut! Things should be a bit less pressured this winter since we’ve had a more level summer. That’s definitely a horsey persons opinion…no non horse person would ever wish for rain!!

Well sadly Gerry is still off, so ive not got much exciting stuff to talk about this month! He’s been in a small injury paddock with his field companion Teddy for 5 weeks now and he seems to be coping well. I do see a slight improvement in his lameness but he’s still not quite right. The vet had thought he should come sound in 2-3 weeks so this additional delay is only extra worry for me! Gerry is modelling the Equ Streamz magnetic bands 24/7 now, I saw many great reviews about these bands online so decided to give them a bash. Anything to help the healing. We have normal magnetic wraps and magnetic fetlock boots too but its been far too warm to have his legs wrapped up recently, the little bands are only about an inch thick and allow for airflow, so they are much better. Ive been feeding him Turmeric, devils claw root and boswelia, all for their natural anti inflam and pain relieving properties, mixed in with his summer Honeychop with garlic, to keep those horrible flies at bay, and his TS balancer. I’ve also been adding some salt to replace whats lost through sweat.

Gerry got a visit recently from my friend Jessica and her wee boy Hudson, Gerry was super intrigued by the small person and Hudson gave him lots of kisses – it was just the most adorable thing! He’s been very cuddly and sweet the whole 15 weeks he’s been off. I dont want to say its been “nice” because it hasnt been nice for him to be injured or to go through all the stress of it all, but we have really bonded a lot more and thats at least something positive.

Ive managed to get my fix on the horsey showing scene getting out and grooming for my good chum Fiona and her lovely mare Worsenden Liberty. Its always a great feeling to see your friends doing so well, and they work so hard, they deserve it. I also managed to find horses at a football match… police horses! they were the best part of the trip! This one was so cheeky.

Police horses in Glasgow

I’m off to the side saddle national show this weekend, I’m so gutted that Gerry isn’t coming along too but am looking forward to seeing the show and meeting all the lovely side saddle ladies. I’ll also get to try on my new custom made habit at the show – I can’t wait! It’s a beautiful navy wool habit, made to measure. Since I started side saddle riding I’ve always wanted a navy habit, but when we were looking to buy mine we came across my tweed for a really good price and so went with that. I’m really looking forward to my wee holiday to England – wish me luck for my first time driving there!!

After that I also have a family holiday for a week – a nice chance to catch up with all the family. We round off August with Blair Castle International horse trials – our yearly visit! Again, without Gerry, but after his antics at this show last year maybe its not a bad thing! Ha! Mum and I have booked a b&b this year which will be a nice change from our usual tenting..where it ALWAYS rains at Blair! So I have a few things to look forward to this coming month. I have to keep busy when there’s no riding to be done! Hopefully next month we will have some further progress with Gerrys injuries. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Until next month, Grace & Gerry x  

Can you spy the Honeychop gilet hiding under my hair!? Stephen Hammond Photography