Happy Autumn Honeychoppers – as I write this blog, it has been raining cats and dogs all morning.

We haven’t had rain for weeks on end and over last night and today, it just hasn’t stopped raining! Still, I shouldn’t complain as I have been saying for a while now, ‘the ground is hard’, ‘the ground is like rock’, ‘we need rain’. I guess I got what I wished for!

So, you might remember in my last blog, things had been going well with Mikey? We had got back to the show ring after 12 months rehabbing the proximal suspensory? Well.

Gutted to report Mikey trotted up lame again after all we have been through!

That was short lived! I’m really sad to report that about 4 weeks ago Mikey trotted up lame again. To say I was, and still am gutted would be an understatement! When will I get a break huh?

There has been a lot of back and forth with the vets, as to what to do, including conversations about progressing with the idea of the surgery. However, Mikey is after three weeks off looking much better, not 100% but better, and sound enough to do some gentle work so we have decided to bring him back in to work, but hacking or long lining only, no schooling, and for now just walk work, and from there we will see how he goes, so that is what we are doing!

Last week we went for a gentle hack and soaked up the last of the summer sunshine!

Keep your fingers and toes crossed that he can cope with a little bit of work for now. As we head in to the next few months I have got some tough decisions to make as to whether I just try and manage him for the rest of his days with a few gentle hacks each week or go down the surgery route.

Who watched Burghley?

I went for both the XC and SJ day, and we had a FAB time. Honeychop Henry came with us as a stow away and also enjoyed himself and it was lovely to see so many of your entering our Burghley Facebook competitions. Keep your eyes peeled for more giveaways soon.

This was one of the ‘let up fences’ at Burghley it was HUGE!

Mikey and I, and my friend Candice and her horse Stu move yards this weekend, I am a little bit anxious about the move, but also excited. I am sure after a week or so, we will have settled in to our new routine, and if Mikey can only hack we are going to the right place. There is 7 miles direct access hacking, and then with just one road to cross we can to get to bridle paths which go for miles and miles so let’s hope the leg holds up and I can start to enjoy some winter hacking even if it does end up that we can’t enjoy competing anymore!

That’s all for now. Until next time, Laura and Mikey x