We’re back, bearing good news! Gerrys surgery went well. He went in to hospital on Monday 2nd December and was home (minus one 4cm piece of bone) by the Friday night. He managed to stay injury free being put under anaesthetic too – which was always going to be the most worrying part of his surgery! He behaved really well in the hospital, and the nurses all really liked him..so sweet. There is a little damage to his suspensory ligament, but I’m hoping this is old damage, as he came sound before he was x-rayed in November, it would be good if it wasn’t new damage caused by the sharp piece of bone that had been precariously wedged alongside the ligament. He’s 17 now, and has hard a hard life out eventing, so some damage to ligaments would be expected. He’s been box resting for a couple of weeks now, which has been tricky.. as normal 😊 He’s getting some ACP in the mornings to keep him settled, and that’s made a big difference. He’s been having his bandage and dressings changed twice a week – we do love a blue bandage! His stitches came out this week and the wound had healed really well, the swelling around the area continues to come down every time its checked. He should have a couple more weeks on boxrest, we’ve started walking out in hand, and then hopefully he’ll be allowed back outside in a few weeks’ time. I can imagine, he will be delighted, there may be some acrobatics!! I really hope this will be the end of a tricky year of lameness for Gerry now. He first went off in the beginning of April and it’s been a long, tough 2019 for the both of us. Heres hoping he makes a full recovery now and that’s the end of it 😊

I got a very special delivery this month! An ever-colourful pallet of Honeychop. We’ve had some supply issues up here in Scotland with one of the distributors dropping some of their horse feed lines, and so hopefully I can get some bags out now to those nearby me that are struggling to get the products.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and New Year, as always thanks for reading my blogs.

Until next time

Grace & Gerry x

Gerry post surgery