Wow where did the rest of 2019 go? It seems to be a bit of a blur to me. Happy new year Honeychoppers. Whilst it might seem like a distant memory I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and new year. Mine was very quiet, I had 2 and 1/2 weeks off work which is very lucky, but the festive break for me was very low key and chilled – perfect!

Fun at Olympia

It seems a while ago now, but I did head down to Olympia – it’s a firm favourite of mine in the show calendar, so much so I was lucky enough to go twice! We had a great time, although didn’t do much on the shopping front, I did of course buy some obligatory cheese and fudge. Both were YUMMY!

Fun at Olympia!

Getting out and about

Mikey has been having a fairly easy time of it the last couple of months, having had set back after set back as you will know, I have decided to reduce his work load down and see how he goes. On top of a reduced work load, he is doing as much hacking as possible and as little work in the school, to avoid circles and putting too much pressure on his suspensory. However, like many of you I am sure, our fields are sodden, from rain, rain and more rain! So we have boxed up and headed out on a few hacks locally where the tracks are a bit less muddy. I realised on the first hack it would of been maybe 16/17 months since Mikey had actually been ‘off site’ as it were to hack, but he was foot perfect and we had a fab time. Clever pony.

Never get tired of this view!

Giddy Up

My niece put her brave pants on and her and Mikey headed up to one our of local gallops a couple of weeks ago. WOW. Mikey was a superstar! He can sometimes loose confidence when he is alone, but he was marching along and Amy didn’t have to ask twice for a trot or canter, I think it’s safe to say he enjoyed it as much as Amy did.

It was all smiles at the gallops!

I can’t believe Mikey turns 14 in a matter of a few weeks, whilst technically a veteran is considered from 15, Mikey is fed the Honeychop Senior feed, and he really enjoys it. I have the added comfort of knowing it has some added Omega 3, to help both digestion but also known to help joints. If you want to try a free sample head to the Honeychop website and the team will get you one posted! The link you need is here.

Like most of you, I expect, this month is a pretty quite one for me, I have got my butt back in the gym, with a renewed effort to get fit and healthy (I have a beach holiday booked in May and want to actually feel happy about revealing a bit of skin in the sun!)

That’s all from me for now, until next time

Laura and Mikey x