Sometimes its so easy for the vets to say “just walk them out in hand” HAHA! I thankfully survived 4 weeks of walking Gerry out in hand every day. We started with 10 mins per day and increased in small amounts weekly until he was walking out for 30 mins, when I say walking… he was.. dancing around and standing on his back legs on the end of a lead rope while I clung on for dear life!! But we both survived and at the end of a week of walking for 30 minutes he was finally allowed back into the field. He was absolutley DELIGHTED to get back out. It was such a lovely sight, and I could breathe a sigh of relief that the boxrest was over. Hopefully now all of Gerry’s boxrest will remain in 2019 and 2020 will see us back on track. The vet predicts full recovery by spring time, we’ll see how things pan out. For now I am happy to settle for him being pain free and back in the field with his friends.

His surgical incision looks great and has healed up very well. He will still always have a bit of a lump where the lump in his splint bone remains, but the surgeon smoothed it all off whilst he was in there, so hopefully it wont cause Gerry any more bother. He will wear boots for the rest of his days now just in case he ever knocks it again! I went and bought him a new set of woof wear brushing boots for in the field and they are just the trick, nice and light and you can brush them clean.

I’ve renewed my side saddle association membership for 2020 and am seriously hopeful that Gerry and I will get out under side this year! Even if its just the 2nd half of the year – it would be fab to be back doing what we love so much. Cross your fingers for us!

Gerry is clipped in anticipation for his return to work! I thought i’d better not miss the end of January window! He was also very warm, these strange 10 degree days mid January are really throwing them. He was a bit colic-y one evening and the next day was sweating under a 50g with no neck turnout, for being a warm blood he’d really quite the thick coat!

Looking very handsome with his clip!

Hope you all had a lovely festive break and spent lots of time with your ponies and loved ones. I thoroughly enjoyed some time off work and precious extra time with Gerry while he was on boxrest. January is nearly over already! Spring will soon be here 😊

Until next time

Grace & Gerry x

Splint bone surgery incision healing well