2 x very happy faces!

Do your eyes deceive you, or is that really a picture of me riding Gerry! (and no, its not a throwback Thursday photo!!) Finally after 10 months! Gerry is pretty much sound and I am back on board. We’ve just started walking out, and he is sooo happy! And of course, I am too! I really hope this is the end of the injury road now for us, and that Gerry continues to get stronger and can get fit again. We’ll build back up slowly. I’ll probably continue to just walk on him for the next month or so, and then we’ll start incorporating a little trot work if he stays sound. I hadn’t trotted him up for a couple of weeks when the vet arrived, you know what its like, if you look too much you end up unsure what you’re actually looking at! And so was really pleased to see him trotting round on the lunge looking so well – at the time the vet came he still had the odd step where he had a slight nod of his head, so we agreed to give him another 4 weeks of field rest from then before I got back on board.

He wears turnout boots in the field all the time now, theres still a lump on his leg where his splint is, they never removed the lump during his surgery, only the piece that had broken off. So the boots should prevent him from knocking it again in future, hopefully! And here’s hoping he doesn’t go through brushing boots at the same rate that he destroys over-reachers!

Gerry’s had a full MOT for his return to work. He’s been fitted new shoes this set, they are slightly wider than previous and should give him more support. He had really worn down at the heel on one of his fronts, from all his weight baring on his “good” leg! Hopefully his new shoes will help and once he’s strengthened up and back to normal his feet might look a bit more even. Thank goodness for a great farrier! Gerry also had his teeth done and his saddle check is next week – then we’re all set for a good and proper return to work – prepare yourself Gerry! I’ll get the physio out as soon as I know he’s ready for normal work load. I honestly can’t wait for that day I can have a nice long canter through the fields again…… #dreaming!

I’m sure some of you were affected by the recent winter storms, I do hope your land recovers quickly and there’s not too much damage! We were very fortunate here in NE Scotland that we really didn’t get hit too hard.

Catch up again next month – with hopefully more good news!

Keep enjoying Honeychop <3

Grace & Gerry x