Hello Honeychoppers, how are you doing?

I don’t know about you, but the last few weeks of pretty much constant wind and rain has been a challenge! Mud, mud and more mud! Our yard had the horses in the stable 24/7 due to the wet fields for a period of time before moving to just 3 hours turn out, so Mikey and his buddies have been spending much more time in the stable than I would like. Thankfully (for now at least) they are allowed out on their usual routines and the worst of the weather seems to have made way for some dryer warmer days.

Fun at the woods

We are lucky were we are that we have a few woods we can go and hack round, with our hacking at the yard being pretty much a mud bath, we have been loading Mikey up and taking him over to the woods, and he has been loving it! I don’t do a lot of solo hacking at home, if I am honest it’s not something I enjoy and Mikey can get a bit nervous and spooky too. But over at the woods, he has been growing in confidence and we have got to the point he will happily go round the woods on his own without a care in the world! Literally on the end of the buckle with the biggest smile on his face loving life. It’s been so nice to see and as you can see from the picture below, the woods are gorgeous, good for the soul!

Mikey and my niece Amy at Woburn Woods

Feeling good

Mikey has been feeling great recently! We are now 18 months post proximal suspensory damage, and whilst he is still on a reduced workload, the last few weeks he has been showing glimpses of ‘old’ Mikey pre injury in his work. It’s given me some hope that maybe, he can maintain his way of going, and there will be no more set backs! (runs off and crossed fingers and toes) our last set back was early September, so it feels like hopefully we are on the right track and his new routine is working for him. We have been having some fun with pole work in the school, and let’s just say he has been keen! If you are looking for some ideas on how to have some fun with a few poles, check out the pole work vlog we made here.

Fun with some poles!

Model looks!

Mikey has been doing a spot of modeling again, this time for Equilibrium Products and their new head collar, Stellar. If you haven’t read their latest research in to the safety of head collars, make sure you do, It is scary, their research shows over 167 horses have been killed as a result of an accident from a head collar ! The link is here.

The new Stellar head collar from Equilibrium Products

I for one can not wait for the clock change in a few weeks, I have definitely been noticing a difference after work, but that extra hour of daylight after work I am sure will be welcomed with open arms by horse owners up and down the country?!

That’s all from us for now, until next time

Laura and Mikey x