His favourite face to pull!

I am so sorry to let you all know that Gerry was put to sleep in April. As you all know he had spent a year battling his injuries, there were so many good days that filled me with hope for his recovery but the bad days in the end just took over. He was on 4 Danilon each day and still in pain, in some ways that made the decision a little easier, but I would be lying if I said it had been a decision made quickly and easily. My vet’s, who are absolutley amazing and really do deserve an award, had done everything that they could for Gerry, and I am so glad I went forward with the surgery last year and took the risk to try and help him, its just heart-breaking that it wasn’t quite enough to stop his pain. He was just the biggest character and the most special horse to own, I am so glad he was part of our lives. He is very much missed every single day and I will never, ever forget him. Thank you to everyone for kind words, cards and flowers, it really is appreciated. I wish our time together had been longer.

I hope you and your horses are all keeping safe and well during this terrible time with Covid.

Here are some of my favourite Gerry moments, photos treasured forever.

As always, a huge thank you to my fantastic sponsors Honeychop. I am so grateful for their support and feel so fortunate to be a part of the Honeychop family!

Grace xx

This beautiful piece was made by Tail End Jewellery, who partnered with another business called Horse Shoe Hearts. They have cleaned and reshaped Gerrys shoe, stamped in his name and braided and included his tail hair. It is so special and will be treasured forever.