It’s been around 6 weeks since Hector arrived in his new home. He has been a total joy to have around so far and we have been having so much fun. I have still been on furlough from work so have had plenty of time to spend getting to know him and have enjoyed every minute. The last week or so has been particularly busy as I make the most of my time before I go back to work in August. We have been to the forest, the beach (twice) and to my instructors’ yard for a lesson, so it’s been pretty full on! I have been having weekly lessons since I got Hector and am pleased that he seems to be progressing all the time, its nice that my instructor can see it too. The first couple of weeks I worked hard to get Hector more forward and active, he was pretty accurate with his transitions, just needed more oomph and spark about him, since then I’ve been working on making his paces more adjustable but keeping the activity. We had our first jumping lesson this week too and he really exceeded my expectations, and we both had big smiles on our faces at the end!

Sporting our Honeychop saddlecloth and gilet

Hector met Anna our lovely physio and she was happy with how he was doing, and he will meet his new farrier for the first time this week too. Lots of new things for him to get used to but he really has been taking it all in his stride, its so easy to forget he’s just young!

Hector is currently eating the Honeychop with garlic, which I can happily report that he absolutely loves – he licks his bucket clean every day! I love feeding the Honeychop garlic in the summer months, as it really helps to keep those pesky flies at bay. There’s enough garlic in the chaff that you don’t need to feed an extra supplement.  You can find out more here :

Hector and Anna the physio!

Until next time, Grace and Hector x