Well I’m back… and I have some very exciting news, I have welcomed a new addition into the family! Hector is a 16.2 Piebald Cob x WB. He turned 6 in May, so he really is still a young’un. I drove 13 hours in one day to go and view Hector in York – but boy was it worth it! Hector joined us in Scotland late at night on the 22nd of June. He has settled in well and is taking everything in his stride so far!

I had only seen 2 or 3 horses that I liked for sale, but all were snapped up in a matter of a day or two! I was really struggling to compete with people buying horses unseen or people able to travel to view sooner than I could. So when I saw Hector’s advert I asked if I could make the journey down the next day, thankfully, his lovely old owner Claire was free and accommodated my need for speed! Hector came from the most loving home, and was sold under some sad circumstances, so I am pleased that Claire will still be able to follow his progress and see what we have been up to via my Honeychop blogs!

My plan for Hector is much the same as what I did with Gerry, there will be a lot of general riding club activities, beach rides, hacking and hopefully I’ll get him under side saddle once he is a bit more established too!

We had our first lesson this week and Hector seems to be keen and willing to learn – even when he finds it hard work! We are both still getting to know one another and where all the control buttons are, but I am so pleased with how he has adapted really well to his new surroundings and rider. We have been doing lots of hacking since he arrived, and he’s been really enjoying it.

I reckon I’m going to need to keep close eyes on Hector’s weight. That cobby side of him could mean he piles on the pounds if he looks the wrong way at a Dairy Milk bar! For this reason, I’ve popped him onto Honeychop Lite & healthy – my absolute favourite product in the range! Its just such a lovely product and really is great for the good do-er’s. Hector is really enjoying his new feed, I just pad it out with a balancer so he get’s all his necessary vitamins & minerals too! Honeychop Lite & Healthy, free from molasses, is a non-heating low sugar fibre feed suitable for those prone to laminitis. It is coated with linseed and rapeseed oil, including oat straw, timothy grass, herbs, marigolds and cinnamon. High in omega 3 fatty acids, linseed oil is ideal to promote health and a glossy coat. Blended with a mix of real herbs known for their natural antioxidant properties, it is the perfect low sugar palatable fibre feed to add to your horse, pony or donkeys’ diet! With a typical sugar content of only 3% (which is made up of all-natural sugars) – It’s a no brainer really, this product is just super!

For those of you in my local area I am currently working with a couple of local feed shops and Honeychop HQ to enable us to get the Honeychop range more readily again. Watch this space!

I’m really sad that I might not get my annual trip down to Honeychop HQ this year – I am expecting that Your Horse LIVE will be called off due to covid, but you never know I might still fly down and visit the team at Halls Farm if things settle down with the virus! I always fly home feeling energized about the products. My love for the company and its team grows each time I visit! I am so fortunate to still have the support of Honeychop after all these years and I will always be so grateful for all they have done for my horses and I.

So, until next time! Stay safe, have a great month with your four-legged friends.

Grace & Hector x