Hi everyone!

Hope you’re all well, it really feels like autumn now! The temperature has really dropped, and all the lovely crisp autumn leaves are falling. I love the colours and always feel autumn is the perfect time for photoshoots! If you don’t already know – I love to dabble in a bit of photography in my spare time!

Hector and I have had a busy couple of months, we’re still getting to know one another and having lots of fun doing so. He is such a sweet character, very cuddly and kind. Still green in his ridden work but he’s really come on leaps and bounds even just since he arrived with me at the end of June, he has a great attitude to work and seems keen to learn. He’s had his 2nd visit from the physio, the lovely Anna from Armstrong Physio, and he’s had his teeth done too! I’m sure Hector must be wondering who’s coming to prod him next as he’s had a lot of appointments since he arrived with us in Scotland!!

We’ve even been to our first competition already! A venue only about a mile from us was hosting some unaffiliated show jumping, I entered the cross poles class and the 40cm, it was his first time in this venues large outdoor arena, they have lots of banners, proper BS wings and a judges box etc so I was expecting Hector to be spooky and decided I would be able to wiggle him round the tiny fences easily enough even if he did decide to be spooky or silly. I was really nervous; I haven’t been out show jumping for about 2 years now. Hector however, apparently, is far more confident and really enjoys himself out at shows! He flew round both classes and didn’t look at a single thing, I was so proud of him and almost felt guilty for thinking he might have been spooky and green! There were lots of children flying round the warmup area, falling off, horses being silly, a busy holding area but Hector took it all in his stride and we had a really great day. It was a real confidence booster (for us both!)

At home I’ve been working on schooling and trying to get out hacking as often as I can, battling with the daylight and the weather! Our lovely riding field sadly got flooded in the bad storm we had early October, and it hasn’t quite recovered yet! There’s still a rather large puddle (or swimming pool!) so I haven’t been able to ride in there for a wee while. Schooling gets a bit dull (for me!!), so I try and have a jump once a week and put some poles out on other days too!

Hector got weighed this month, the lovely Katharine from Topspec came along to our yard with her weighbridge and feeding advice. Hector weighed in at 684kg! I expected him to be about the 650 mark. Katharine was quite happy with how Hector’s doing currently, I expect he will drop a few more ibs over the winter months, and that will do him good. He’s loving his Honeychop Lite & Healthy chaff. It’s such a lovely product, the smell, texture and short chop, no wonder he loves it! I always feel very fortunate to have seen the products being made at Honeychop HQ, to see my horse feeds manufacturing process from start to finish is not something many horse owners have had the chance to see! To be honest it just grew my love for the brand even more. I’m really grateful to be a part of team Honeychop and have been supported for the last 5 years! I can’t believe its been so long already.

I’d love to get out and run round an intro test at some point over the next few months! Just to get Hector exposed to different environments. We’ll hopefully get out to some lessons at different venues too!

I hope the next month is good to you. Stay safe.

Grace & Hector x