Dear Customer,

It has very recently been confirmed that the cane molasses containing Zilpaterol Hydrochloride supplied by ED & F Man Ltd into Ireland did then enter the UK some months ago and was supplied to some equine feed companies.  In that period there have only been positives detected under the rules of racing in France from feed originating from one Irish company.

In the absence of any confirmatory analysis from E D & F Man Ltd as to whether and/or what levels of Zilpaterol were in any molasses supplied to us we took precautionary measures and stopped using the shipment of molasses in question from ED & F Man Ltd and replaced it with an alternative source.

E D & F Man Ltd have subsequently contacted us today to confirm that the material was contaminated but at lower levels than was the case in Ireland. We have also today received confirmation that the Food Standards Agency in the UK is taking no further action due to the very low concentrations in the finished feed which are not considered significant in terms of food or feed safety and pose no risk to equine health or welfare.  The level of Zilpaterol which has been found in feed was less than 1 part per billion, well below the level which would trigger food or feed safety considerations.   

The racing and sporting regulatory bodies have different priorities to our feed regulators and so whilst posing no health risks to horses, it is prohibited for horses competing under rules. 

The BHA have offered a seven day moratorium in racing during which any horse that returns a positive result for Zilpaterol through race day, out-of-racing or Elective Testing will not be subject to BHA regulatory action, provided the positive sample is consistent with the feed contamination. 

Elective testing undertaken through the BHA has indicated that Zilpaterol is not present in horses that had contaminated feed withdrawn for four clear days.  Investigations are ongoing so this is not yet considered a confirmed withdrawal period for the substance.

Please be aware that unless you are competing in affiliated competitions where you could be subject to a dope test there is no cause for concern and all our feeds are safe.

If you are competing and using one of our products made before Week (41) then please contact the office on 01359 230823 or email to check before feeding.

A limited number of our products up to manufacturing week (41) which can be found on the label on the front of the bags may have been contaminated.

Whilst we make every effort to ensure the safety and suitability of our ingredients this contamination has been beyond our control and we can only apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

If you require any further information please call 01359 230823 or email