Happy New Year! I’m now into my 6th as a Honeychop star! I love being a part of the team and am so grateful for the brand’s support.

I hope you had a lovely Christmas, even if it were not what you would have first imagined it might be. With stricter lockdown rules coming into play just before Christmas, I’m sure many of us were disappointed to not be able to share the day with our friends and families as we would normally, however we still made the best day with what we could!

We’ve had a few dumps of snow up here recently, and our poor farmer is constantly battling the ice to keep our road and tracks clear so we can turnout (a service we are very lucky to have!) Thankfully, Hector has been able to be turned out the whole time and he has only had to have a “lie in” a few times while I waited for a bit of a thaw. It was lovely to have some time off over the festive period to be able to spend with him. We played with poles, did some jumping and also….. put the side saddle on! I was very excited about the latter. Hector took to the side saddle very well, I warmed him up astride then popped the side saddle on for 10 minutes at the end of my session. We had a walk and trot round the school, and he wasn’t in any way phased! The following week we did the same again but added in a canter on both reins, Hector was great. I am really pleased with how he took to it for his first tries. Hopefully, it’s a sign of good things to come!

First time side saddle!

For Christmas, my other half got me a pivo! If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a tracking device that you attach your mobile phone to, and it tracks you while you are riding. Its amazing, the first time we used it I had some jumps out and it did lose sight of me a few times, but since then its been much more accurate and hasn’t lost me at all. I would recommend it to anyone that often rides alone as it’s a great way to review your ride and see what you need to work on!

Hector gets a scoop of Honeychop Lite & Healthy in his morning feed and one in his evening feed, I make it quite wet too to ensure he’s getting plenty of fluids, especially with the cold weather, though he does have a big drink every morning when he’s turned out. It makes me laugh that he would choose to drink from the very cold icy water trough rather than the fresh bucket I put in his bed each day! Lite & Healthy is a molasses free natural fibre blend of low calorie easily digestible fibre, suitable for good-doers, natives & those prone to laminitis. It includes real herbs & cinnamon with natural antioxidants, and the horses love it. The lite and healthy is by far my favourite product in the range, followed closely by the classic, Calm and Shine! You can find out more about Lite & Healthy here and request a sample too if you fancy trying it out! Honeychop Lite & Healthy | Honeychop

Until next month, when hopefully it’s a little warmer!

Grace & Hector x

Lockdown Christmas 2020!