When I was first asked to do this blog for Honeychop as one of their supported riders I was super excited! Then the feelings of fear of actually having to write something down begun to set in and I had no idea to what talk to you guys about without boring you! But I got to thinking, yes my journey may be boring to some, but it is still my journey so here goes..

Let’s start with introductions, my name is Georgia. I live on the Isle of Wight and have too many animals to count including, dogs, sheep, horses and cows. But lets talk about the main man, the reason I begun my blogging/vlogging journey, Barny! Barny is an 11 year old TB x Connie who was a very accidental purchase! We actually bought his mum without knowing she was in foal and 6 months in this little golden guy came into the world. How cool is that, two for the price of one right?

Anyway, Barny obviously didn’t do anything for the first few years of life apart from be a little cuddle buddy, but when he was 3 he was sold on due to myself and my husband making plans to venture out to Canada. Fast forward 4 years and I was offered to have Barny back! I was excited to say the least, but also nervous to have an untouched 7 year old walk on my yard! 

So we began the backing process in August 2017 and he LOVED to work! He took to everything so well and by spring the next year we were out eventing. He really is the definition of a good all rounder. We hack, event, go for beach rides, dabble in showing and I’m still very certain he would make a great cow cutting horse!

We have had some amazing opportunities together too, one of the biggest highs of both of our careers has to be being selected to go onto the Omega Equine All Star Academy out of hundreds of applicants. It opened up so many doors for both of us and gave us some invaluable training. 

So iv talked a lot about the past and what led us up until now, but what exactly is going on now? So Barny has actually just had 7 months off being feral in a field! And this is because our family has grown during this crazy pandemic! I was incredibly lucky to fall pregnant on our first cycle of IVF just before the pandemic really took hold and in November Caleah Rae was born. I think Barns loved having the time off relaxing really! But he is now so ready to work and we are definitely getting the bug for eventing back, I have even contemplated our first event of the season in 4 weeks time! Am I crazy? Probably. 

So I’m completely horse mad! But I also have plenty of other things to keep me busy too! We have a family farm which I help out at any given opportunity (wouldn’t you? We have the cutest lambs!), Im a new mum and Caleah sure does keep me on my toes, and Im also a farmers wife; which means he works all the hours under the sun and I do the rest. Iv got a little YouTube channel and try to post regular videos on there, both about farm and country life, being a mum and of course the horses and Im also set to go back to work soon! Jeeze, I got tired just writing all of that down!

So that me really, just a crazy person oversharing everything! I hope to be able to do many more of the blogs and I can’t wait to talk to you all again! 

G & Barny x