Munstead Event Report!

So after 18 months out of the eventing life it was time for a party and I was excited to say the least! We started the day out well, being so super organised so all I had to do when I got the yard was feed the lambs and boot Barny up. We headed off to the ferry and where nearly stopped in our tracks 🤦🏼‍♀️ I had booked the ferry going the wrong way, and with restrictions now being eased the ferries all seemed to be rammed. Just a small bump int he road though as they were able to fit us on.. Winning already! We got the event, had a little nervous poop and off to walk the course. There was nothing that I was worried about, in fact, I looked at the 90 course and it didn’t turn my stomach! Maybe that’s a sign to think about stepping up soon!

Anyway, back to the trailer and time to get ready for our 12.15 dressage. Down in the warm up Barns felt like a coiled little spring ready to blow up! But he kept his cool and I let the bunny hops go instead of my usual tact of fighting back and he calmed instantly. Omg! 🤩🤩 He was bloody amazing! We were cool calm and collected and it was the best test I have EVER ridden on him! I was sure it would still be a 31 with some little inaccuracies. A very very quick change and we headed down to showjumping. Once again he warmed up impeccably! Popping some fences like it was a walk in the park. We were the last to run in the 80 for each phase so the warm ups were always so quiet which was a huge bonus for us. We jumped a beautiful round, I stayed off his neck and he took me into fences. I came off the turn from 7 and worried about going to quick at the double. Turned out I just pulled up a little too short and we had the first half down. But it didn’t matter because they announced over the tannoy that we had achieved a 27.8 dressage!!! OUR BEST EVER SCORE!!! 🤩🤩

Another super speedy change and back down to the warm up ring for Xcountry. Warming up beautifully with lots of energy and ready to get into the start box! 5,4,3,2,1 GOOOOOOOO.Out the start box and over the first with ease, into the second field and a lovely long stretch round the outside. Over fences 2, 3, 4 and 5 we had jumped these all before and of course he flew! Number 8 was a big table and I rode at it with storm, of course he popped over and we flew to the next. Number 11, the owl hole, the only fence I was a little worried about, but no need he just popped through! Lots of time left on the clock so we took a leisurely little ride around fences 12, 13 and 14. Down to 15 and we jumped the most dodgy line of jump, ditch, jump and it did run through my head, corr this is an ask for an 80 🤦🏼‍♀️😂. But we carried on (a little too leisurely) and finished the course 4 seconds over the time. I was ecstatic! He was brilliant! like he had never had a break and I was also super excited because we had ridden a beautiful test, had a pole, but this must have put us in god stead for a placing! Only to look back through scores and see a big fat E next to my name. George… your a moron.. A technical elimination because that weird line at the ditch? Wasn’t a line at all! It was a combination, plus I added the optional fence 😂. So technically we got eliminated, but without that big E we would have placed top 10 and for me that’s a WIN! I truly have the eventing bug back and so does Barns! It was a fast paced day and over in a flash and I cannot wait for the next one!A massive massive thank you to all of my support team; friends, family and sponsors. I couldn’t do any of it without you guys! And it was so lovely to have my little human there to support and cheer me on too!