Wow, how are you all?

What a crazy and scary time we have had these last few months, with very little to report on the horse front I have been a bit quiet!  But with the end in sight (hopefully), and a few updates to share with you all I thought it was time to write a little blog and let you all know how things are.

Like many, the last few months have very much been spent at home, I am also working from home and so things have been very quiet indeed. With extra time on my hands I started running and in February raised £500 for charity by running 40 miles in the month – it was tough but it felt like a big achievement considering I only started running in November!  I definitely plan to keep it up as I am feeling mega fit at the moment which certainly helps my riding, I now want to aim towards running 10km and maybe even enter a 10km charity run once events are back up and running!

Riding has been a bit few and far between, dark nights, rain, and wind, it’s hard to stay motivated isn’t it? 

After a few little things adding up I decided to get Mikey scoped for ulcers a few weeks ago and I am so glad we did as we found grade 1 ulcers in the pyloric part of his stomach.  There weren’t huge changes in behaviour but a few things here and there that I noticed that made me want to investigate if something was going on.  We are now treating for those ulcers and will rescope after a month. I spoke to my vet to see what we could do to help reduce the chances of the ulcers coming back later down the line and to be honest there was very little I could change in how I managed Mikey as I was already doing all the things the vet recommended in terms of management day to day, but having spoken to the Honeychop team I have made a switch in Mikey’s feed.   Previously Mikey was on the Honeychop Senior, but I have now moved him on to the new product in the range Topline & Shine.

Topline & Shine was launched last year and is suitable for horses prone to laminitis or gastric ulcers and with a low sugar content (4.5%) and low starch (3.5%) it made sense to make the switch. Mikey seems to agree with the switch too he loves it! Don’t forget if you want to sample ANY of the Honeychop range you can get a free sample from the website.

As the restrictions lift and Mikey gets back to full health I can’t wait to get back out and have some horsey fun. Where is the first place you will go?  For Mikey and I we will box up and head to the local woods about 10 minutes from us, the tracks are sandy all year round so we can have a nice canter and not worry about any mud!  As for non-horsey plans, like many of you I am sure, I can’t wait to be able to see friends and family and enjoy a nice cold drink in a pub garden somewhere!

Until next time,

Laura and Mikey x